Photo of sample scientific diagram. Photo of sample scientific diagram. Photo of sample scientific diagram.

Multi-Agent Systems

  • Developed a multi-disciplinary optimization framework to determine the optimal maneuvers for refueling multiple satellites.
  • Determined estimates of suboptimality for solutions to NP-hard problem of Peer-to-Peer refueling of satellite constellations.
  • Developed algorithms to determine minimum-fuel conflict resolution maneuvers for multiple aircraft traversing the En Route airspace.
  • Performed fast-time simulations to assess the performance of developed tools for traffic scenarios created on the basis of historical data.

Trajectory Optimization

  • Developed mathematical tools to determine low-thrust orbit-raising trajectories that minimize degradation of solar arrays of satellites.
  • Developed mathematical tools to determine optimal cooperative and non-cooperative rendezvous between satellites in planar circular orbits.
  • Supervised undergraduate students in their tasks to develop models for radiation flux in Van Allen radiation belts suitable for inclusion within an optimization framework.

Space Mission Analysis and Design

  • Developed a mathematical framework to determine the number and type of electric thrusters required for orbit-raising of small and large classes of telecommunication satellites within stipulated time.
  • Developed a mathematical tool to determine the mass of solar arrays and batteries to support continuous thrusting during electric orbit-raising.
  • Developed new distributed strategies of replenishing a system of multiple spacecraft resulting in significant reduction in fuel expended during the mission.