1. Introduction to Space Dynamics, AE-415, Fall 2014. Fundamentals of orbital mechanics and rigid body dynamics, two-body problems, orbital maneuvers and orbital determination, rigid body kinematics, and kinetics. Prerequisites: AE 227 and AE 373. Click here for syllabus.
  2. Intermediate Space Dynamics, AE-715, Spring 2014. Advanced topics in orbital mechanics including two-body problem, interplanetary missions, restricted three-body problem, C-W equations, atmospheric entry. Prerequisite: AE 415 or instructor's consent. Click here for syllabus.

Other Lectures

  1. Continuous Thrust Spacecraft Transfer (2 lectures) in Prof. N. Jeremy Kasdin's course on Space System Design (Fall 2013) at Princeton University.
  2. Optimal Control (12 lectures) in Prof. J-P Clarke's course on Optimal Control and Guidance (Fall 2009) at Georgia Institute of Technology.
  3. Optional recitation sessions (15 lectures) in Prof. Panagiotis Tsiotras' course on Flight Dynamics (Fall 2003) at Georgia Institute of Technology.