College of Engineering-Dean Message

Message from the EECS Chair

To: EECS Students

From: Gergely Zaruba

Date: March 16, 2020

Re: COVID-19 update

Please find below the information on EECS related issues with regards to the COVID-19.

  1. Students to avoid campus:Please avoid coming to campus (until further notice). This does not mean that you are done with the semester. We request that you use the next two weeks to study and do your projects/homework. Classes resume on the 30th in a tele-delivery form. Even until then, you need to stay prepared and you need to make progress on your projects.
  2. Faculty to stay in touch: For your classes, your instructor will be in touch with you with regards to plans to the specific class. Watch messages and communications on Blackboard.
  3. Advising, contacting EECS staff and Faculty: In person advising and student contact is suspended; Advisors, Staff, and Faculty are still at your service though. At this time, all upcoming advising appointments will be moved to phone or other virtual platforms. Please note, that we are not relaxingthe requirement to meet with your advisor before you can register for classes as described under:
  4. If you need to schedule an appointment with any of our undergraduate advisors, please call: (316) 978-3156 during regular business hours so that an appointment can be scheduled (if you are asked to leave a message, please include your WSU ID and a good phone number to call you back).
    If you have a preference on the format of your appointment (e.g., zoom, phone), please contact your advisor, otherwise it will be assumed you would like a phone call appointment. Please make sure you know  how to call in to your appointment. Please be at a computer and logged in to your myWSU portal prior to the start of your appointment. If other accommodations are needed, please let us know in a timely manner. We are working diligently to continue to serve you during this time. We will communicate with you as soon as appointments can return to in-person. As always, if you need anything or have any questions, please reach out to your advisor.
  5. For general graduate questions, please email or call Kayla at: or (316) 978-3914. To talk to your graduate advisor, please contact them by email so that they can schedule a phone or zoom meeting with you. If you are CS or CN your advisor is Dr. Sourabh Bose: If you are ECE your advisor is Dr. Yanwu Ding: If you are a Ph.D. student, your advisor is Dr. Ara:
  6. Faculty Student Hours: Faculty will have student hours scheduled for the rest of the semester. You can always email faculty members as to their availability for a video-chat. We will try to keep the page: updated with faculty’s preference as to how to contact them for faculty advising or for student hours questions.
  7. In case you need to talk to the Chair, please email and I will set you up with a zoom appointment.

Best wishes,

Gergely Zaruba

Gergely V. Zaruba, Ph.D. C.S.                                                                                      
Chairperson and Professor        
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Wichita State University