Message From The Chair

I would like to welcome all prospective students, current students, alumni, and friends to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. Our department offers three Bachelor of Science degrees: Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science. We offer three Master of Science degrees: Electrical Engineering, Computer Networking, and Computer Science. We also offer a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

As Wichita State is located in the largest city in Kansas, our students have numerous opportunities to engage in cooperative education or an internship while they are going to school. Students study and conduct state of the art research in many areas including: computer networking, software engineering, big data, information security and privacy, control systems, energy systems, communications and signal processing, databases, quantum systems, and algorithms.

We are the largest department in the College of Engineering. We're proud of our size and our continued growth, which coincides with the College of Engineering's prominence in the development of President John Bardo's vision for WSU becoming an Innovation University. In fall 2016, we are planning to move into the new Experiential Engineering and Maker Space Building, the first phase in the development of the Innovation Campus. The new 160,000 sq. ft. building will house 25 laboratories and provide valuable space for our growing programs.

While we are energized by the growth and change, we do not want to let our size inhibit our ability to develop a sense of community within the department. For this reason, we are undertaking a number of steps to increase internal and external communication with our students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends. Please "like" us on Facebook, where we regularly post updates on student, faculty and alumni activities and achievements or join our group on LinkedIn. You can subscribe to our quarterly newsletter HERE.

Whether it is in person here at Jabara Hall or online through email or Facebook, we look forward to engaging with you. Please share your news with us so we can share with others.

Dr. John Watkins
Chair, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science