May 2018

End-of-semester party, May 2018.











 Phani's defense, Nov. 2017.



Showcasing Shocker ControlsTM in Kansas 3i SHOW, Oct. 2017.



Welcoming Stephen and Mike to my group with Dr. Kumar, Tahir (founder of PetroPower), and Ali, Sept. 2017.



End of semester hangout with Ali and Phani, May 2017.


Risk Taker Award_crowd

Wichita State's Faculty Award Ceremony, May 5, 2017.


Risk Taker Award

Accepting the very first Young Faculty Risk Taker Award estabilished in 2017 by the Office of Academic Affairs.
Left: WSU Faculty Senate President, Prof. Bayram Yildirim;
Right: State of Kansas Regent, Dave Murfin.