1. What is the difference between my faculty advisor and my academic advisor?

      Your academic advisor will advise you on registration, academic degree plan, probation, academic support, transition to college, and advocacy.

      Your faculty advisor will provide career mentoring, technical elective approval, discuss Engineer of 2020 options, and assist in planning capstone, internships and other career development opportunities.

      You will meet with both academic and faculty advisors as determined by your department.

    2. Who is my academic advisor and how do I contact them?

      Find your academic advisor here.

    3. Who is my faculty advisor and how do I contact them?

      To find your faculty advisor, login to your myWSU portal and view the faculty advisor listed under their myClasses tab. To contact your faculty advisor, simply click on their name through your myWSU portal to email them directly.

    4. How do I request my transcript?

      Order a Transcript

    5. How do I know what classes will transfer?

      To lookup the WSU equivalency for a transfer course, visit transfer equivalency. If you have additional questions, you may contact Mr. Norman Bent for transcript analysis, at

    6. Where can I get a letter verifying enrollment?

      Letter verifications will need to be requested through the Registrar's Office, Jardine Hall, 102.

    7. I have been placed on probation, what do I do?

      You have been placed on probation because your GPA has fallen below College standards. You should meet with your academic advisor to create a success plan.
      Probation/Dismissal Info

    8. I've been academically dismissed, now what do I do?

      You should meet with your academic advisor to explore options.
      Probation/Dismissal Info

    9. How do I find and request a tutor?

      Please visit here to request a tutor:
      Go here to see the tutoring schedule.

    10. How do I change my major? How do I add a minor?

      You can change your major or add a minor through your myWSU portal (Home tab> Student Tools > Change My Major/Minor). You must have completed one full semester at WSU in order to change your major online. If you are on academic probation you will need to contact your advisor.
      Change Major/Minor

    11. When are the upcoming English and math placement exam scheduled?

      The English and math placement exam schedule can be found here.

    12. How do I drop/add a class?

      Add/Drop Classes

    13. What is the withdrawal/drop policy?

      When you drop a class in the first week of the semester (or equivalent period for shorter classes), it does not appear on your permanent academic record. If you drop a class the second through the tenth weeks and a “W” grade appears on your record with no impact on your grade point average. The last day of the tenth week is the last day to drop a 16-week course. A “W” grade merely indicates that you were enrolled in the course and officially withdrew.

    14. How do I withdraw from a class?

      Drop/Withdrawal Classes

    15. What is course wait listing?

      Waiting list

    16. Who qualifies for Dean's Honor Roll?

      The Dean's Honor Roll is composed of undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more semester hours of graded work who achieve a grade point average of 3.500 or higher for a semester. Students enrolled in 6 through 11 hours of graded work in a semester and who achieve a grade point average of 3.500 or higher will receive an Academic Commendation. “Graded work” means any coursework for which the grade generates credit points -- see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Letters are sent out within three weeks of a semester ending.

  1. How do I qualify to graduate with honors?

    Graduation honors are based upon BOTH the WSU cumulative grade point average and the overall cumulative grade point average. Degrees are conferred with distinction upon students who have shown excellence in scholarship. The minimum standard for graduating summa cum laude is a cumulative grade point average of 3.900; the minimum standard for graduating magna cum laude is a cumulative grade point average of 3.550; and the minimum standard for graduating cum laude is a cumulative grade point average of 3.250.

  2. Graduation Requirements By Department

    1. AE: AE Graduation Requirements
    2. BME: BME Graduation Requirements
    3. EECS: EE Graduation Requirements CS Graduation Requirements
    4. ET ET Graduation Requirements
    5. IME IE Graduation Requirements ME Graduation Requirements
    6. ME ME Graduation Requirements
  3. What is Engineer of 2020?

    In response to the recommendation in the National Academy of Engineering's report on the future needs for engineering graduates, the College of Engineering has implemented the Engineer of 2020 program. This program is design make the educational experience more meaningful to you, and you more desirable to local and national industries.
    To fulfill the requirements for the program, your will need to complete at least three of the following six activities:

    • Undergraduate Research;
    • Cooperative Education or Internship;
    • Global Learning or Study Abroad;
    • Service Learning;
    • Leadership; and
    • Multidisciplinary Education

    Complete details can be found on the Engineer of 2020 page.

For Department Specific Questions, please visit:

Student Life

  1. How do I get involved?
    See university involvement here.
    For engineering specific involvement please go here.
  2. How do I find College of Engineering events?
    The Student Engineering Calendar of Events can be found here.
  3. Do I need to live on the engineering floor of Shocker Hall to be in the Engineering Living Learning Community?
  4. What is the student code of conduct?
    Code of Conduct
  5. How do I update my contact information?
    Update Contact Info/Address
  6. How do I update my ShockerID card?
    ShockerID Card

Tuition, Fees, and Scholarships

  1. Where do I find information on tuition and fees?
    You can find WSU tuition and fee information here.
  2. What is the College of Engineering program fee?
    The program fee encompasses all aspects of delivering an engineering degree program, including advising, tutoring, laboratory components requiring significant investment in costly equipment and related technology, experiential learning opportunities, and course instruction.
  3. How is the College of Engineering program fee assessed?
    The program fee is applied to all hours that students in the College of Engineering take. Fees that were applied to hours within a declared minor or a second declared major that do not also apply to the College of Engineering major are refunded after the 20th day in the semester. Please note that such fees will not be refunded for hours taken prior to the declaration of a minor or second major.
  4. How can I find scholarship opportunities?
    You can find engineering scholarship opportunities here, and other institutional scholarship opportunities here
  5. Where do I apply for financial aid?
    Apply for Financial Aid