College of Engineering Scholarships


The College of Engineering awards approximately $750,000 each year in both merit-based and need-based scholarships to engineering and computer science majors. These awards are made possible by our generous donors, which allow us to provide over 200 students financial assistance as they pursue their degrees at Wichita State.

Nearly all College of Engineering scholarships are awarded through our General Engineering Scholarship Application. This application is open from November 1 through February 1 each academic year, and applications received during this period are used to select recipients for the following academic year.

The General Engineering Scholarship Application for 2019-2020 has closed. Students who submitted an application will be notified by April 1 of the outcome of the scholarship award selections.

Outlined below is additional information about the General Engineering Scholarship Application, as well as additional scholarship opportunities including the Wallace Invitational for Scholarships in Engineering and other scholarships not included as part of the general application. If you have questions about scholarships, contact Jason Bosch, Director of Student Engagement and Scholarships, at or call (316) 978-3400.


General Engineering Scholarship Application Information

Scholarship Information

The College of Engineering has over 80 active scholarship funds. These scholarships were established and funded by private donors through the WSU Foundation. The eligibility criteria is unique to each scholarship based on the guidelines set forth by the donor. Criteria for any particular scholarship may include eligibility factors such as major, GPA, class standing, financial need, involvement in engineering professional societies or other student organizations, and more. Both merit-based and need-based scholarships are available. With the exception of the other scholarships outlined on this page, nearly all engineering scholarships are awarded using the General Engineering Scholarship Application.

Who Can Apply

  • High school seniors who plan to enter WSU the following year
  • Transfer students
  • Current WSU students

Application Guidelines

 What You Need for This Application

  • Resume. As part of the application, you are asked to submit a resume detailing your academic, co-curricular, and/or community services activities and accomplishments. Your resume must be submitted in PDF format and the name of your file must follow this format: Lastname-Firstname.
  • Possible Essay(s). Some scholarships require an essay. You may or may not be presented with scholarship opportunities that require an essay based on how you answer certain questions in the application. If you are eligible for a scholarship the requires an essay, be prepared to type an essay into the application. Most essays will be no more than 250 words in length.

GPA Requirement

  • GPA requirements vary by scholarship. Many require a minimum 3.0 cumulative, but there are some that require as low as a 2.5 cumulative, and others that require at least a 3.2 cumulative. You will not be asked to report your GPA on this application - we will access GPA information after the application period has closed.

Need Based Scholarships

  • Many scholarships are awarded based on financial need. The primary method we use to determine need is to access your FAFSA results. Therefore, we strongly encourage students to file a FAFSA for scholarship year for which they are applying. You do not have to have the FAFSA completed prior to filling out the application, but we highly recommend you file it no later than January 1 each year. You will not be asked to report your GPA on this application - we will access your FAFSA information from the Office of Financial Aid after the application period has closed.
  • Some students are not eligible for federal financial aid, and therefore cannot complete a FAFSA. If you are one of these students, there is an option to write a needs statement in this application, and we can use a need statement in lieu of the FAFSA to determine financial need.

Application Timeline & Additional Information

  • The application for 2020-2021 scholarships will open on November 1, 2019 and close at midnight on February 1, 2020. When the application period opens on November 1, a link to application will be provided in this page. Review of applications begins in February, and all applicants will receive notification on or around April 1 indicating whether or not they have been offered a scholarship for the following year.
  • Questions on the General Engineering Scholarship Application will be used to match the applicant with the guidelines of the available scholarships. Be as accurate and as thorough as possible when answering the questions. The more information you provide in the application, the better we can determine if you are eligible for scholarships.
  • You will receive an automated confirmation email after you submit your application. If you do not receive an email, your application may not have been successfully submitted. In that case, contact to inquire about the status of your application. Only completed applications will be used for scholarship considerations.
Wallace Invitational for Scholarships in Engineering

Scholarship Information

Each November, the WISE competition is held to select recipients of the prestigious Wallace Scholarship. Recipients are selected based on GPA, ACT Math and Composite scores, and performance in the competition. More information about WISE, including the competition date, eligibility criteria, and instructions for applying to compete in WISE, can be found at

Who Can Apply

  • High school seniors who meet the WISE competition eligbility criteria
James & Catherine Buck Scholarship in Aerospace Engineering

The James & Catherine Buck Charitable Trust Current Scholarship in Aerospace Engineering is available to aerospace engineering majors who meet the following criteria. Please review this criteria carefully prior to submitting an application.

  • Full-time undergraduate student
  • Employed in an off-campus job at least eight (8) hours per week
  • Have demonstrated financial need as determined by the FAFSA
  • Have a GPA between 2.5 and 3.5.

Students who may be eligible are encouraged to apply for this generous scholarship. Applications are accepted year-round, but awards will be made based on the availablity of funds.

Download the PDF application here.

For your application to be submitted correctly, you must download the application linked above to your computer, open it in a PDF reader, complete the form, and save a copy of the completed form. If you open the document in your web browser and complete it, it will not save properly. Email your completed application to

International Students

The College of Engineering has limited scholarships available for international students. To be considered for any scholarships for which you may qualify, complete the General Engineering Scholarship Application. Information about this application can be found at the top of this page.

Additional resources for international students:

Important Information About Engineering Scholarships

All scholarships and fellowships have specific criteria to identify and select recipients. Visit the WSU Foundation's Scholarship Policies and Guidelines College List to see the list all of the available engineering scholarships and their requirements.

Accepting a Scholarship
To accept the scholarship offer, log into your myWSU account using your myWSU ID and select the “myFinances” tab; then select “Financial Aid Awards”. Select the academic year. You can review your award information on the “Award Overview” tab. Proceed to the “Accept Award Offer” tab to accept your scholarship.