Engineering General Education Courses

General Education courses are divided into three tiers:

  • TIER 1 Foundation courses
  • TIER 2 Introductory courses in the Disciplines  are usually a second course in the same department as an introductory course
  • TIER 3 Advanced Further Study and Issues and Perspectives courses in the Disciplines

View the University General Education Brochure for a complete list of Tier 1-3 courses offered at Wichita State University. 

General Education Requirements in The College of Engineering

General Education requirements are different for students with engineering or computer science majors. All WSU students also must complete courses in the division of mathematics and natural sciences (Division C); however, because the engineering curriculum requires 32-35 hours of mathematics and natural sciences , engineering students automatically satisfy the requirements in this division. 

Foundation Courses

All WSU students must complete three courses in Communication skills within their first 48 hours, each with a grade of C or better:

English I - ENGL 100 or 101 English II - ENGL 102 Public Speaking - COMM 111

Introductory Courses

1 Introductory Fine Arts (Division A) 3 credit hours
1 Introductory Humanities  (Division A)
PHIL 125 Introductory Logic for Computer Science majors
3 credit hours
2 Introductory Social & Behavioral Science (Division B) Must be in different disciplines 6 credit hours

Advanced Further Study and Issues & Perspectives Courses

1 Advanced Further Study course in Humanities or Social & Behavioral Sciences
May not be taken in PHIL or Fine Arts
3 credit hours

1 Issues & Perspectives Course

PHIL 385 Engineering Ethics
(excluding Computer Engineering & Computer Science majors)

PHIL 354 Ethics & Computers
(for Computer Engineering & Computer Science majors)

3 credit hours

  • Only specific classes count for General Education credit. Refer to the Schedule of Courses Menu - General Education Class Locator for an approved list of General Education courses each semester.
  • Philosophy 385 or 354 is a required General Education course for engineering students and fulfills the Issues & Perspectives requirement in engineering.
  • Any Issues & Perspectives course(s) taken in addition to the required ethics course for engineering students WILL NOT count toward General Education in the College of Engineering.
  • Be advised, the following are Issues & Perspectives courses and WILL NOT count toward General Education in engineering:
    • SOC316 - Men & Masculinities
    • WOMS316 - Men & Masculinities
    • HMCD308 - Leadership in Self/Society
    • PSY 413 - Leadership in Self/Society
    • PSY 346 - Leadership in Self/Society
    • PHS 308 - Leadership in Self/Society
  • Just because a course has an introductory class as its prerequisite, does not mean it is necessarily a Further Study course. Again, your best guide is the Schedule of Courses - General Education Class Locator.