The purpose of this page is to inform students about learning opportunities through a transfer agreement for community college degree seeking students to also apply those credits toward a Bachelors of Science in Manufacturing Engineering degree from the Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Department at Wichita State University. This transfer agreement will follow the guidelines in the WSU Undergraduate Catalog for all transfer students.

Students should refer to the following transfer sheet for the required courses and the suggested course schedule at each institution. Transfer students must complete at least 60 hours of four-year college work and 45 hours of upper-division work in order to qualify for graduation from Wichita State University. At least 24 of the last 30 credit hours or 50 of the last 60 credit hours must be completed at Wichita State University.

Butler Community College logo. Transfer information for Butler Community College Students

Cowley Community College logo. Transfer information for Cowley Community College Students