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Program Information

The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IMfgE) Department offers Graduate Certificate programs in the seven topical areas described below. Students seeking any of these certificates must be admitted to the Graduate School either in one of the degree programs offered by the department or in a Non-degree status. All Graduate School policies relative to admissions apply. Students pursuing a graduate certificate must file a plan of study for the certificate program to the Graduate Coordinator before half of the required hours are completed. Students may apply certificate course work toward a degree program. Each certificate program requires the completion of twelve credit hours from a selected list of courses. A cumulative graduate grade point average of at least 3.00 must be maintained for all courses comprising the certificate program and no grades below C. Students completing the certificate program will receive an appropriately worded certificate from the Graduate School, and notation will be made on the student's transcript when the certificate has been awarded.

Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Management Certificate Information

Lean Systems

Foundations of Six Sigma and Quality Improvement

Composite Materials and their Processing

Industrial Ergonomics and Safety

Systems Engineering and Management

Advanced Manufacturing Analysis

Details on the certificates