The Mission of WSU Department of Industrial, Systems and Manufacturing Engineering is to:

prepare students to be life-long learners and global citizens with successful careers in design, research, improvement, and management of systems in manufacturing and service organizations.

The Vision of WSU Department of Industrial, Systems and Manufacturing Engineering is to:

  • be nationally recognized as a leader in industrial and manufacturing engineering education and research, and
  • have its programs be the program of choice for both undergraduate and graduate students regionally, nationally, and internationally.


  • a curriculum and educational experience designed and continuously improved through involvement and contribution of students, faculty, administrators, staff, and industry,
  • a well focused research program funded at the local, regional , and national level, and
  • a demonstrated competence and expertise in addressing the needs of industry and community,

In order to:

  • improve the quality of life through the effective application of relevant technologies,
  • bring recognition to the Department, College, and University,
  • realize the potential of its students and faculty, and
  • have its graduates actively recruited nationally by employers and graduate programs.

The Values that Guide the Department Are:

  • Respect
    We foster the development of all stakeholders in this enterprise to their full potential while recognizing the individual differences among them.
  • Competence
    We continuously monitor and improve our performance as educators, engineers, researchers, and as members of a collaborative enterprise.
  • Cooperation
    We provide an organization and climate that facilitates and recognizes the amplifying effect of a shared purpose and mutual support.
  • Trust
    We are confident that each of us will act in a manner that benefits others in the enterprise.
  • Recognition
    We freely acknowledge the value of individual and group contributions toward the achievement of mutual goals.
  • Responsibility
    We fully accept as individuals and as a group the results of our activities and seek to remedy any harm produced.
  • Initiative
    We take action whenever we become aware of an opportunity to accomplish our shared objectives.