3D Printing Hub

John Bardo Center, Room 203


Located on the mezzanine level of Project Innovation Hub, the 3D Printing Hub assists Wichita State University students in the rapid prototyping of project ideas. Additionally, the 3D Printing Hub houses a classroom workspace and three Innovation Cubes for collaborative project meetings. 

Equipment List
**Please follow links for equipment specifications and training.**
uprint- Stratasys uPrint 3D Printer, SE Plus
Form3-Formlabs Form 3 LFS Printer
taz5- Lulzbot Taz 5 3D Printer
UM2+- Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer
UM3- Ulitmaker 3 3D Printer
3D45- Dremel 3D45 3D Printer
>>Training Video
3d40 flex- Dremel 3D40 Flex 3D Printer
>>Training Video
Method- MakerBot Method 3D Printer
RepPlus- MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer
>>Training Video
Z18- MakerBot Z18 3D Printer
>>Training Video
3DScanner- Shining 3D EinScan-SE Desktop 3D Scanner
CutterV- Graphtec Cutting Plotter, CE6000-60 Plus
>>Training Part 1
>>Training Part 2