2004: BEST Fever

Game Description
Alas, poor Squeaky has been feeling under the weather. Little by little over the past 10 years, he has shown increasing symptoms of a terrible problem. After last years Transfusion Confusion, he really started to behave unusually. He constantly wants to be building and rebuilding other robots. He is always waiting until the last minute however, and many times has rebuilt robots the night before they are due to the customer. After numerous tests, the experts can conclude only one thing. Squeaky has a severe case of... Best Fever.

Six weeks of treatment can make him better but the treatment can be severe. His system must be treated to re-sequence his DNA in order to give him more energy. His DNA must be denatured, sorted and then re-sequenced. There is a large Hidden Gene in the human genome that causes aging. Capturing this will allow Squeaky to never grow old. Damage to his good DNA must be limited so doctors have decided to try a new radical procedure. Nanotech biobots will be injected into Squeaky's system to separate and isolate his cells. This is a new technology with several shortfalls. First, the energy packs for the biobots only lasts 3 minutes; not much time to complete the mission. Also, mobility is limited. This allows the biobots to utilize more of the available energy saving DNA. Because of these limitations, BEST feels that teams working together enhance the chance of Squeaky's full recovery.

Your job is to initiate the denaturing process by activating the Denaturing Thermal Switch and then to separate the PCR Primers from the DNA deoxyribonucleotides. It is also advantageous to capture the hidden aging gene. Work together to save Squeaky so he will be at his Best for another 10 years.

The objective of this game is to separate the PCR Primers from the DNA deoxyribonucleotides. You can maximize your score by working with your neighboring competitors and placing your game pieces in a shared area on the blood vessel wall. Capturing and placing the Hidden Gene game piece on to the elevated capture receptacle can further enhance your score.

Robots will be mounted on specified areas of the game floor. The robots must collect and store as many game pieces as possible in the allotted time.

Event Details
Mall Day, October 16, 2004 (Mall Day Pictures)
Towne East Square Mall, Wichita Kansas

Game Day, October 23, 2004
Charles Koch Arena, Wichita State University, Wichita Kansas

Game Day Results (Game Day Pictures)
BEST Award
1st place - Wichita Homeschool*
2nd place - Circle High School*
3rd place - Goddard High School

Game Results
1st place - Ambassadors for Christ Academy (Bentonville, Ark.)*
2nd place - Wichita Homeschool*
3rd place - Bishop Carroll*
4th Place - Wichita West High School

Special Awards
Boeing Creativity Award - Ambassadors for Christ Academy
Engenio Most Robust Award - Wichita West High School
Raytheon Craftsmanship Award - NE Magnet High School
Cessna Teamwork Award - Decatur Community Junior/Senior High School (Oberlin KS)
Sportsmanship Award - Circle High School

* Teams advance to Texas BEST

Kansas Teams at Texas BEST 2004
Southern Methodist University

Kansas BEST teams scored First in both the Robot Game and in the BEST Award.

In the Robot Game, Ambassadors for Christ took First place with a 3-game total of 2178 points. Wichita Home School came in a very close Second place with a 3-game total of 2168 points.

The BEST Award was won by Wichita Home School with a total of 97 out of 100 possible points.

The Ambassadors for Christ team also was awarded the Sportsmanship Award. Members of the competing teams vote to select the winning team for this Award.

Our other two teams, Bishop Carroll and Circle High School, also performed very well.