Kansas BEST 2008: Just Plane Crazy

Game Description

BEST Robotics, Inc. (BRI) returns to the surly bonds of earth after spending a year on the Martian surface performing tasks necessary to ready a space station for habitation by astronauts. In 2008, student-designed robots will address the Lean and Efficient manufacture of airplanes. Lean Manufacturing is defined as the optimal way of producing goods through the removal of wasted effort while maximizing the flow (or production) rate. The focus is to get the right things to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity to achieve perfect work flow and be flexible to change. Point of Use (POU) fixtures are used to locate parts, tools and other resources in the ideal place for optimal flow are also a key element of Lean Manufacturing.

Aircraft consist of thousands (if not millions) of parts, including the rivets and fasteners required to assemble the complex structural assemblies. Traditional assembly techniques have historically required thousands of manual operations by skilled mechanics. This problem only becomes more difficult as the size of the aircraft increases. The experts at BEST Robotics Incorporated (BRI) have proposed that robots could be used to solve this problem. Experts within the industry that have relied upon traditional methods believe that this idea is “Just Plane Crazy” and have declined to pursue it. Firm in their conviction, BRI has decided to form a new company, namely, BEST Aircraft Company. The new company will focus upon the BEST way to assemble an aircraft using robots that integrate BRAIN (Best Robotics Advanced Instruction Node) control. BRI has decided to compete as many as four Divisions (teams) of the new company against one another to leverage new ideas and technology in order to derive the most efficient processes.

The Division robots have only three minutes to perform the following tasks:
* Exit the starting position and activate the tie-breaker switch which also activates the Warehouse light(s)
* Navigate around, or re-position Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
* Enter the Warehouse and collect subassemblies of the aircraft being assembled and deliver them to the Assembly Area
* Completely assemble each aircraft and transport it to the Delivery Center and assist it into Flight
* Points will be awarded at the end of the match based upon progress and performance toward these goals.

Event Details
KickOff - Saturday, September 20, 2008 (Kick Off Day Pictures)
Eugene M. Hughes Metropolitan Complex
Wichita State University, Wichita KS

Practice Day - October 25, 2008 (Mall Day Pictures)
Heskett Center
Wichita State University, Wichita KS

Game Day - November 1, 2008
Charles Koch Arena
Wichita State University, Wichita KS
Proclamation From Wichita City Council

Game Day Results (Game Day Pictures)

BEST Award
1st Wichita Home School *
2nd Circle High School *
3rd Rose Hill High School *

Game Results
1st Wichita Home School*
2nd Ambassadors for Christ Academy*
3rd Andale High School *
4th Goddard High School
* These teams will represent Kansas BEST at the Frontier Trails BEST Regional Competition

Special Awards
Spirit Aerosystems Top Gun Award- Wichita Home School
Boeing Creativity Award - Andale School
LSI Most Robust Design Award - Ambassadors for Christ Academy
Hawker Beechcraft Craftsmanship Award - Wichita West High School
Cessna Teamwork Award - Wichta Home School
Sportsmanship Award - Wichita Home School
Best Plane Art - Hutchinson Tech Center

Frontier Trails BEST Regional Competition - December 5-6 (Regional Pictures)
Fort Smith, AR

BEST Award
1st Wichita Home School
2nd Circle High School

Game Results
1st Wichita Home School
3rd Ambassadors for Christ Academy
4th Andale High School

Special Awards
BEST Notebook - Circle High School
BEST Presentation - Circle High School
BEST Display - Wichita Home School
BEST Spirit - Wichita Home School
igus Top Gun Award - Wichita Home School
Most Robust 1st - Ambassadors for Christ Academy
Most Robust 2nd - Wichita Home School
Most Elegant 1st - Wichita Home School
Most Elegant 2nd - Andale High School