Kansas BEST 2009: High Octane

Game Description

The Energy Generating Station (EGS) is located in the center of the playing field. Its upper level supports the EGS carousel and the Energy dispensers. The carousel is activated by one of three ways: a mechanical pushbutton located on each of the EGS legs, a BRAIN IR detector also located on the EGS legs or by pushbuttons on the Catalyst dispensers located at each corner of the playing field. When activated, the carousel will rotate and dispense the Energy units (Tomato paste cans) to the playing field, and thus become accessible to the robots.

The BRAIN (BEST Robotics Advanced Instruction Node) is a computer interface on the robot that has expanded programmable functions for this year’s game. One of the expanded functions is IR communications from the robots to the EGS described above.

A Processing plant and storage area is located in each corner of the playing field that includes a Catalyst Dispenser (the tall PVC tower), a storage area, Offload area and an Operations Platform. Catalyst units (yellow tennis balls) are dispensed by a BRAIN driven motor when activated by a mechanical pushbutton on the Dispenser or by an IR port on the EGS.

The storage area includes upper level receptacles for three each H2O (blue racquet balls), Catalyst (yellow tennis balls) and Energy (tomato paste cans). The lower level has storage bays for three Benzene Tankers, and the processing cell at the base of the Catalyst Dispenser houses receptacles for H2O, Catalyst, Energy and CO2 units. Commodities may be placed in the upper storage receptacles by the Operator, but the robot alone may access the lower storage receptacles.

The Offload area is the same area as the starting position of the robot. Items placed in the Offload area by the robots may be handled and relocated by the Operator. The Operations Platform is a circular platform upon which the Operator may stand or kneel along with the Operator area outside the game field, to perform game actions. 7 GAME Description continued

Benzene is represented by the four Benzene Tankers which each represents one unit of Benzene. Beginning with the semi-final matches, resources can be traded for Benzene and the four Benzene Tankers are added to the Game Field at the beginning of each match. Since Benzene is highly toxic, Operators are not allowed to touch or manipulate the tankers.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is represented by beach balls approximately 8.5” in diameter (with a printed world map). There are two CO2 units in each quadrant supported on four symmetric filament lines that make up the stratosphere. The filament lines are attached to the top of the EGS tower which rotates when the EGS carousel is activated, and in turn, wraps up the filament line and causes the CO2 to migrate. Operators may not touch or manipulate CO2 units.

Event Details

KickOff - Saturday, September 26, 2009
Eugene M. Hughes Metropolitan Complex
Wichita State University, Wichita KS

Mall Day - October 31, 2009 (Mall Day Pictures)
Town East Mall, Wichita KS

Game Day - November 7, 2009
Charles Koch Arena
Wichita State University, Wichita KS
Proclamation From Wichita City Council

Game Day Results (Game Day Pictures)

BEST Award
1st Wichita Home School *
2nd Circle High School
3rd Campus High School

Game Results
1st Ambassadors for Christ Academy *
2nd Wichita Home School *
3rd Circle High School *
4th Campus High School *
* These teams will represent Kansas BEST at the Frontier Trails BEST Regional Competition

Special Awards
Boeing Creativity Award - Ambassadors for Christ Academy
Cessna Teamwork Award - Wichita Home School
Spirit AeroSystems Most Robust Award - Circle High School
Kansas BEST Craftsmanship Award - Circle High School
Sportsmanship Award - Circle High School

Frontier Trails BEST Regional Competition - December 4-5, 2009
Fort Smith, AR

BEST Award
2nd Circle High School
3rd Wichita Home School

Game Results
1st Wichita Home School
2nd Circle High School

Special Awards
BEST Notbook - Wichita Home School
igus Top Gun - Ambassadors for Christ
Founders Award 2nd Place - Circle High School
Most Robust 1st Place - Wichita Home School
Most Photogenic 3rd Place - Circle High School
Web Page 2nd Place - Wichita Home School

Wichita Home School and Circle High School selected as 2 of the 4 teams from Frontier Trails Region to go to BEST National Championship

BEST National Championship - April 23-24, 2010
Dallas, TX

Special Awards
Founders Award for Creative Design - Wichita Home School