Kansas BEST 2010: Total Recall

Game Description

BEST Inc. has decided to manufacture and market unique products for two emerging industries. To compete in the world market, their production facilities must incorporate the most advanced robotic quality control systems available today. BEST Inc. has decided to build four initial factories and contract with suppliers (teams) to develop the robotic quality control systems.

Suppliers are asked to propose and demonstrate strategic processes that will result in a production facility yielding the highest quality products while meeting robot design criteria of 24 inches on a side, a total weight no greater than 24 pounds and meet all construction requirements. BEST Inc. is looking for suppliers with good track records in quality improvement methodologies, such as Total Quality Management, Kaizen, Zero Defects, Six Sigma, and Poka Yoke, with an ability to incorporate these approaches into their overall production strategy.

Suppliers are tasked with performing manufacturing operations on two independent production lines: “Gadgets” and “Gizmos.” The objective is to successfully manufacture and package as much “good” product as possible while striving for six sigma quality levels (99% defect-free) on each production line. Some products may be identified as “defective” and will be “recalled.” These defective products will be removed from the production floor and returned to the manufacturer as rework.

The Gadget production line (represented by golf balls) is a high-volume partially automated line that serves the “Over 65” recreational industry. The production line starts with automated quality testing of incoming Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) gadgets. There are three gadget OEMs providing product to BEST Inc.; a particular product can be tracked to an OEM through its designated color. Using a special gadget scanning tube, Factory robots determine which products are defective by interfacing with the Factory Data Port. If a defect is found a product recall is initiated and the defective products are removed from the production floor and taken to the product recall center.

The Gizmo Production Line is a low-volume fully automated line used to produce high quality gizmos (eggs) for the pre-adolescent hunting industry. The quality screening of these parts is of significant concern because BEST Inc. uses a single OEM to supply gizmos. Gizmos are manufactured using the most advanced nanotechnology in order to yield the best quality product. However, process variation has the potential to cause latent defects, which manifest themselves in the form of a change in the magnetic properties of the gizmo. Fortunately, only BEST robots have the potential to detect this unique fault, which may be indicated by either full magnetism or no magnetism. Factory robots will be equipped with specialized instrumentation for detecting and distinguishing the magnetic properties of gizmos. Gizmos with defects of this type are not repairable and, unlike gadgets, will not be returned to the manufacturer; they will simply be scrapped.

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Event Details
KickOff - Saturday, September 11, 2010
Eugene M. Hughes Metropolitan Complex
Wichita, KS

Mall Day - October 16, 2010
Town East Square - Sears Court
Kellogg and Rock Road, Wichita, KS

Game Day - October 23, 2010
Charles Koch Arena
Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

Game Day Results (Game Day Pictures)

BEST Award
1st Wichita Home School *
2nd Circle High School *
3rd Campus High School

Game Results
1st Ambassadors for Christ Academy *
2nd Kansas City Christian School *
3rd Wichita Home School
4th Panther Creek Academy
* These teams will represent Kansas BEST at the Frontier Trails BEST Regional Competition

Special Awards
Boeing Creativity Award - Ambassadors for Christ Academy
Spirit AeroSystems Most Robust Award - Ambassadors for Christ Academy
Cessna Teamwork Award - Wichita Home School
Bombardier Learjet Craftsmanship Award - Wichita Home School
WSU Sportsmanship Award - Wichita Home School

Frontier Trails BEST Regional Competition

Fort Smith, AR
December 9-10, 2010

BEST Award
1st Wichita Home School

Game Results
1st Wichita Home School
3rd Ambassadors for Christ Academy
5th Kansas City Christian

Special Awards
Wichita Home School was recognized for having the best notebook and marketing presentation.
Circle High School was honored for its spirit and sportsmanship.

All four Kansas BEST teams made it to the semifinals, and two teams advanced to the final four.

BEST National Championships