Volunteer to help with this year's Kansas BEST Robotics Competition!

BEST Robotics is a national 6-week robotics competition held each fall with the goal of sparking the interest of young students in STEM careers. For the past 18 years, WSU has hosted the Kansas BEST Robotics Program. Over 500 students will participate again this year -- with the goal of taking home the BEST trophy for their school. These exciting events could not be possible without the hardwork of our volunteers! We need your help in the highlighted areas:

  • Mentor - Assist teams in reviewing the specs and rules for the game, the notebook specs and overall plan to meet the dates. A mentor should NOT build the robot or create a notebook, but rather ask the members leading questions to help them understand what is needed for them to be ready to compete.  You will need to meet with your assigned team peridocally between Kickoff and Game Day.  If you have a preference for the team you would like to support, please specify.
  • Kit Assembly Team - Assist the Kit Committee in assembly of consumable and returnable kits prior to the Kickoff event.
  • Setup/Teardown Teams – Help prepare the venues for each of our primary team events:  Kickoff, Practice Day and Game Day.  This includes helping setup the game floor and any associated electronics and game pieces.
  • Team Ushers – Escort teams to break-out rooms at Kickoff; and to the game field at Practice Day and Kickoff.
  • Game Field Crew – Assists game field builder with construction of the game field.
  • Staging and Pit Crew – Helps Staging and Pit Bosses coordinate on-deck teams during Practice Day and Game Day matches.
  • Judging Teams – Assist Head Judge in evaluating the teams for the Sportsmanship Award on Game Day, review and critique Project Notebooks crafted by the teams, evaluate teams competing in the BEST Award in their Marketing Presentations and Table Exhibits. 

To volunteer for one of the above teams, please indicate your availability by completing the form below. 

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You will be contacted prior to the date of the event at the email you provided. That email will confirm your volunteer team assignment and will include details regarding check-in location, attire, tasks, etc.

We appreciate your support of Kansas BEST robotics, and we look forward to working with you!



If you have questions about the above volunteer opportunities for Kansas BEST, contact Jake Allen (Volunteer Coordinator)