Meet the Team

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Andy Meece

Major / Mechanical Engineering

Role / Team Lead; Design

Born and raised in Wichita. Non-traditional student who began mechanical program at the age of 37 in 2014. Currently working in commercial aquatics and plans to continue civil engineering education and design. Interests include automobile engines, valves, motors and trains.

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Sheema Ahmed

Major / Mechanical Engineering

Minor / Mathematics; Entrepreneurship

Role / Design; Technical Writer

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

  • Education: Wichita State University
  • Background: Intern experience as an operations engineer. 3 years of hands-on experience as a Quality inspector at Aerospace Systems and Components. A STEM mentor to students in grades K-12 through the College of Engineering. 
  • Interests: Green engineering and innovation
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Syie Tzen Ong

Major / Mechanical Engineering

Minor / Mathematics; Computer Science

Role /

  • Hometown: Born and raised in Malaysia. 
  • Education: INTI international university
  • Background: A technician at ASUS company that deals with customer’s hardware and software devices. A translator in multiple languages in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia. An inventor on an Arduino project weather reminder device that helps the user to remember to bring an umbrella/ coat before heading from their home. A leader of SLI group with responsibilities of communications and improving their leadership skills . Demonstrate a strong work ethic, and inspire enthusiasm and stimulate their interests.
  • Interest: Robotics, automotive.
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Camden Tang

Major / Mechanical Engineering

Minor / Chemistry

Role / Design; Documentation

Camden Tang is graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in chemistry at Wichita State University. He has interned at NIAR in composite instrumentation and quality assurance. He will be continuing his career at NIAR as a research engineer.