Nuclear Phishin' - Phishing Training for the Education Industry

MEMBERS: Brendan Albright; Thamer Aldossary; Bowen Gooch; Ethan Hanks; Liam Kilgore; Austin McCartney

ADVISOR: Dr. Gary Brooking

TABLE: 138 (Lobby)

Over 28 million school records have been leaked since 2005 and schools are the #1 target for ransomware attacks. Nuclear Phishin' aims to build an affordable and fun learning opportunity that promotes cyber hygiene for educators and administrators to prevent phishing attacks. To do this, we have partnered with another team, We Can Hack It, to perform risk assessments for each of the clients that will allow us to develop unique training. After this, we will use our modular website to host the newly developed training for our client. To test the effectiveness of our training, a phishing campaign will be run against our clients and those will fall for the phishing emails will be automatically enrolled in a second round of phishing training, uniquely improved against the type of phishing email the user fell for.

We Can Hack IT

MEMBERS: Meshari Aldossary; Traecy Freeman; Tristan Kahler; Charles Kohring; Nicholas Ridpath; Isaac Rozario

ADVISOR: Dr. Gary Brooking

TABLE: 137 (Lobby)

We Can Hack IT is an ethical hacking organization that hopes to target a broader audience than the current solutions. We wish to focus on smaller organizations that need hacking assessments done on their organization as the current solutions target larger organizations. We provide ethical hacking solutions in 4 different areas, network security, wifi and wireless security, physical security, and email security.

Stolen Privileges

MEMBERS: Jennifer Castro; Collin Lee; Julie Manning; Josue Renteria; Liliana Rodriquez; Annette Wangui

ADVISOR: Dr. Gary Brooking

TABLE: 136 (Lobby)

Non-Profits, municipalities, and other businesses will buy, use,.and implement our bundled testing and training solution because of Its unique, low-cost, and effective method of instilling healthy cyber practices.

Cybersecurity Training

MEMBERS: Jacob Bivens; Johnny Kui-Le; Joseph Pleasant; Maham Syed

ADVISOR: Dr. Gary Brooking

TABLE: 135 (Lobby)

Truth or Lies takes an interactive approach to solving the need for affordable, practical, and an improved cybersecurity training product for small to medium sized businesses. The hands-on aspect of the training material allows for users to be more engaged and in turn remember the material longer and better. The other unique piece for Truth or Lies is the human factors training, these training modules give employees insight on how cyber criminals think and operate. Knowing how the phishing emails impact emotions and harm logical thinking. We believe the importance of knowing this information is the belief that in order to stop a criminal there needs to be some knowledge on what they are trying to do and how they are doing it. At Truth or Lies, we believe: Security means everything, and security made simply means the difference. Creating a training platform accessible to all levels of knowledge at all levels of the business, that is where major impacts can be made.