Focuses on developing a workforce for the future, by embedding relevant industrial skills with an entrepreneurial mindset in students, through experiential and applied, hands-on learning. The program offers four concentrations: civil engineering technology, cybersecurity, engineering technology management and mechatronics technology.

Energize Consulting

MEMBERS: Colton Bartlett; Joshua Baugher; Christopher Conner; Nathan Lipinski; Corbin Prichard; Riley Pugh; Caleb Riley; Kelsey Stenger

ADVISOR: Kara McCluskey

TABLE: 300

Energize Consulting is a student lead consulting firm made up of Civil Engineering, Engineering Management, and Entrepreneurship students. The goal for Energize Consulting is to offer sustainability consultation and energy management practices to manufacturers, with the focus of the consulting relating to ISO standards, specifically ISO 50001 level practice. The firm uses tools from the Department of Energy as well as their knowledge of manufacturing processes to asses companies current utilities standards and determine what changes can be implemented to obtain the ISO 50001 level certification.

FILIMIN - Process Control Group

MEMBERS: Seth Davis; Alexander Gephart; Michael Schraad; Kaden Sorensen; Koy Sorensen; Payton Sprouse

ADVISOR: Dr. Gary Brooking

TABLE: 301

Applying Lean Manufacturing to FILIMINS wooden lamp process specifically on the CNC Machine. Attempting to improve the amount of lamps they are making in a day.

Automated Robotic Marking System

MEMBERS: Carleton Hall; Peyton Jensen; William Landis; David Neas; Cody Silmon; Kevin Yong

ADVISOR: Dr. Gary Brooking

TABLE: 139 (Lobby)

Small to medium sized businesses need help integrating automation into their manufacturing processes in order to increase productivity and accuracy, decrease human errors, and ensure human resources are doing useful tasks. In order to address this problem, ARMS has developed an automated marking system to be used in various industries to help improve speed, accuracy, and downtime in production processes.

Mobility Assistant Bed

MEMBERS: Thien Ha; Andrew Hromek; Levi Johnson; James Spencer

ADVISOR: Dr. Gary Brooking

TABLE: 144 (Lobby)

A device connected to a bed that can pull a person laying on top and in the middle of it to the edge safely so they may get out of the bed with more independence.

The Sustainables - Packaging Design and Review Company With Sustainability

MEMBERS: Bryan Erives; Olatunbosun Fagbemi; Yow Hong Sin; Imo Udoudo

ADVISOR: Dr. Gary Brooking

TABLE: 302

The Sustainables is a packaging and review company who strives to make logistic issues a thing of the past with our innovative and creative approach to solve the complex issues any businesses facing with packaging their goods. Besides of solving packaging issues, we will be applying sustainability principles upon our packaging design to minimize environmental degradation over time and ecological footprint. The Sustainables aims at different aspects in a packaging design such as: cost-benefits, sustainability and eco-friendliness, aesthetic, and efficiency. As packaging are widely used all over the world, creating sustainable packaging can definitely contribute to environmental care over time. The Sustainables review customers’ current packaging, thus turning them into sustainable packaging along with improvement according to customers’ needs and requirements by providing new packaging ideas and designs. 

Parkinson's Bowl

MEMBERS: Boshra Hussain Althafir; Thai Do; Chin Teng

ADVISOR: Dr. Gary Brooking

TABLE: 303

PD Relief invented a bowl for Parkinson’s patient to protect them from burning themselves due to tremors. The bowl is heat resistant, microwavable, easy to install and uninstall and easy to clean. The bowl is provided with in curve that help the patient to put the food in spoon while scooping and there’s also a spout that help the user to sip the fluid food direct from the bowl.