Welcome to the College of Engineering's 65th annual Engineering Open House!

The College of Engineering offers 9 undergraduate and 12 graduate degree programs, each emphasizing experience-based learning through a mix of real-world design projects, research, and our
Engineer of 2020 program. In addition, many of our students gain valuable experience through internships with our industrial partners. We are excited to share these accomplishments from our students, and hope you will also explore our research and teaching facilities during your visit.

One of the most under-appreciated aspects of engineering is that it is both a CREATIVE and COLLABORATIVE discipline. Solving problems that improve people’s lives requires teams of people to develop and evaluate multiple approaches. When there is no blueprint to follow, one must rely on his or her intuition, experience, and creativity to find the best solutions. This process – how engineering is done – is just as important as the end result, which is something that we instill in our students. The work presented today are great examples of this, and I encourage you to ask the students as much about the design process as the final outcome to better reveal these aspects.

If you have any questions about the College of Engineering or Engineering Open House, please contact us at (316) 978-3400 or feel free to stop by the dean’s office in P2.

Dennis R. Livesay, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean