PSIT Training

Professional and Scholarly Integrity Training (PSIT):

As a part of its PSIT initiative, the WSU Graduate College now requires all entering graduate students to complete an approved course of training in ethics. The training is available through the CollaborativeInstitutional Training Initiative (CITI) program sponsored by the WSU Office of ResearchAdministration. Anthropology is requiring students to complete five of the CITI modules as listed below:

CITI Module 1 Research Misconduct (RCR-Humanities)
CITI Module 2 Authorship (RCR-Humanities)
CITI Module 3 Conflict of Interest (RCR-Humanities)
CITI Module 4 Data Management (RCR-Humanities)
CITI Module 5 Humanities- Peer Review, Mentoring, Collaborative Research, Human Subjects
CITI Other Training Humanities- Plagiarism is optional

2. Fill-in the “Registration Form” on the Grad School web page BEFORE proceeding further at If you do not complete the “Registration Form” first, your CITI results will NOT be reported to your department.

3. Log-in and other information about CITI Modules:

Click on the following link

• Register as a new user:

  • Choose Wichita State University as your institution from the drop-down menu
  • For Username – enter your WSUID
  • Enter your name
  • For Preferred e-mail address – enter your WSU email address

4. Log-in using your Username and password

  • Click on Instruction Page for additional information
  • Click on Add a course or Update your learner group link
  • Choose the discipline required by your academic program
  • Complete the modules required by your program. You can repeat a module multiple times until you get a passing grade (80% or better)
  • Print out any completion report you need
  • Go to CITI homepage if you have to start all over or need help