Learn how to collect, process, and analyze microfossils from archaeological contexts! This is a skills-based workshop that has archaeological and forensic applications. Microfossils can reveal important archaeological information concerning the environment, foodways, consumption patterns, and so much more! We will spend two days at the spectacular site of Etzanoa, integrating with the active research of this proto-historical Native American site. We will then take our samples into the Archaeology of Food Laboratory at Wichita State University to learn processing and analysis skills.


student at microscope



The Workshop will be held for one week, June 17th-21st, 2019 for 1 credit hour, registered under ANTH750. Students enrolled in the Field School at Etzanoa can be enrolled concurrently in both opportunities. Independent study with Dr. Dozier is also available to extend the credit hours and learning depth.

Students will explore microfossil analysis both in the field and in the lab. Time will be split between Arkansas City and the Archaeology of Food Laboratory at Wichita State University. Students can be concurrently enrolled in both the Etzanoa Archaeology Field School and the Microfossil Workshop!





Tuition and fees: ~$400

Students needing accomodation, please contact for assistance.

Students with no prior association with WSU will need to be admitted prior to enrollment.


Etzanoa excavation

To Apply

Registration is limited to 10 students.

Please contact Dr. Dozier with your intent to register or for any questions.