Associate Professor

217 Neff Hall

Ph.D.,1988, University of Oklahoma


Dr. Hughes has been active in anthropology since 1968 and has traveled over much of North America in the interim. During most of his career, he has done contract archaeology, but his interests include matters of socialization and education and all facets of Native American culture and adaptation. His recent projects have included almost ten years of excavation and research at the Buried City sites in the Texas Panhandle and an ethnographic overview of the Pipestone National Monument in Minnesota, including original ethnographic fieldwork and review of historic, ethnographic, and ethnohistoric records about the sacred and profane uses of the pipestone and quarry area by Native Americans.

Selected Publications

  • 2003 Burial City: Plains Village Life Along Wolf Creek. In Plains Villagers of the Texas Panhandle. S. Black, ed.
  • 1994 The Archaeological Legacy of the New Deal. Panhandle-Plains Historical Review 67:42-50.
  • 1991 Investigations of the Buried City: 1985 through 1990. Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society 60:107-148.
  • 1991 (with C. Lintz, J. Speth, and J. Huebner) Additional Radiocarbon Dates from the Twilla Bison Kill Site, Hall County, Texas. Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society 60:257-266.