James Beck, PhD
Assistant Professor
james.beck@wichita.edu 516 Hubbard 316-978-6063
George Bousfield, PhD
Lawrence M. Jones Distinguished Professor
george.bousfield@wichita.edu 431 Hubbard 316-978-6088
Jennifer Ellie, MS
Undergraduate Lab Coordinator
jennifer.ellie@wichita.edu 522 Hubbard 316-978-6178
William Hendry, PhD
Professor and Chair
william.hendry@wichita.edu 537 Hubbard
441 Hubbard
Gregory Houseman, PhD
Associate Professor
greg.houseman@wichita.edu 519 Hubbard 316-978-5841
Mary Liz Jameson, PhD
Associate Professor
maryliz.jameson@gmail.com 512 Hubbard 316-978-6798
Wendell W. Leavitt, PhD
Professor Emeritus


Jeffrey May, PhD
Research Associate Professor
jeffrey.may@wichita.edu 438 Hubbard 316-978-6177
J. David McDonald, PhD
david.mcdonald@wichita.edu 524 Hubbard 316-978-6596
Leland Russell, PhD
Associate Professor
Graduate Coordinator
leland.russell@wichita.edu 513 Hubbard 316-978-6091
Mark Schneegurt, PhD
mark.schneegurt@wichita.edu 403 Hubbard 316-978-6883
Joe Shellhammer, PhD
Fairmount Lecturer
joe.shellhammer@wichita.edu 341 Hubbard 316-978-6087
Bin Shuai, PhD
Associate Professor
bin.shuai@wichita.edu 418 Hubbard 316-978-6142
Shang-You Yang, PhD
Research Associate Professor
shang-you.yang@wichita.edu 423 Hubbard 316-978-6797
Li Yao, PhD
Associate Professor
li.yao@wichita.edu 531 Hubbard 316-978-6766
Arthur L. Youngman, PhD
Professor Emeritus

Staff and Lecturers


Vanda Baker, MAT
Lab Technician

vanda.baker@wichita.edu 426 Hubbard 316-978-3111
Fawn Beckman, BS
Lab Coordinator
fawn.beckman@wichita.edu 401 Hubbard 316-978-6084
Viktor Butnev, PhD
Research Associate
viktor.butnev@wichita.edu 437 Hubbard 316-978-6095
Vladimir Butnev, PhD
Research Associate
vladimir.butnev@wichita.edu 428A Hubbard 316-978-6761
Sarah Catlin, BS
Laboratory Technician III
sarah.catlin@wichita.edu 544 Hubbard 316-978-6818
Yonchao Li, PhD
Research Associate
yongchao.li@wichita.edu 427 Hubbard 316-978-6761
Kendall Lundy, MS
kendall.lundy@wichita.edu   316-978-3111

Dexter Mardis
Field Station Manager

dexter.mardis@wichita.edu Field Station 620-584-6627
Maria Martino, BS
Assistant to the Chair
maria.martino@wichita.edu 537 Hubbard 316-978-6081
Marcia Norton
Senior Administrative Asst.
marcia.norton@wichita.edu 537 Hubbard 316-978-3111

Molly Reichenborn, MS
CRP Project Manager

molly.reichenborn@wichita.edu 517 Hubbard 316-978-6216
Nayan Shrestha, MS
Research Assistant
nayan.shrestha@wichita.edu 441 Hubbard 316-978-6768
William White, BS
Laboratory Technician
william.white@wichita.edu 426 Hubbard 316-978-6083

Amy Yonai, BA
Senior Administrative Asst., Protein Chemistry Core Lab

amy.yonai@wichita.edu 428 Hubbard 316-978-6461

Rejeana Young, MS
Online Biology Instructor

rejeana.young@wichita.edu 521 Hubbard 316-978-6799

Graduate Students

NAME E-MAIL (best way to contact a graduate student) OFFICE
Scotti Argyle sjholweger@shockers.wichita.edu  302 Hubbard
Ashley Debrot abdebrot@shockers.wichita.edu  302 Hubbard
Tim Eberl tceberl@shockers.wichita.edu  
Linda Entriken lmentriken@shockers.wichita.edu  428A Hubbard
Heather Forster hdforster@shockers.wichita.edu  303 Hubbard
Sahithi Katta sxkatta1@shockers.wichita.edu  426 Hubbard
Esben Kjaer elkjaer@shockers.wichita.edu  
Maria Martino maria.martino@wchita.edu 537 Hubbard
Alex Morphew armorphew@shockers.wichita.edu 511 Hubbard
Bach Nguyen blnguyen2@shockers.wichita.edu 441 Hubbard
Alisha Prince aeprince@shockers.wichita.edu 525 Hubbard
Sunaina Shrestha sxshrestha55@shockers.wichita.edu  
Mason Taylor mrtaylor6@shockers.wichita.edu  514 Hubbard
Abbe Urban ajurban@shockers.wichita.edu  302 Hubbard
Roshni Vena (Venagadasamy) rxvenagadasamy@shockers.wichita.edu 302 Hubbard
Evan Waite eswaite@shockers.wichita.edu 511 Hubbard
Fraser Watson dfwatson@shockers.wichita.edu 511 Hubbard