Seminar Schedule Spring 2020

Monday, 4pm to 5pm, Room 218 Hubbard Hall

Seminars are open to the public. Attendance is required for all students enrolled in Biol 497, Biol 797 and all current graduate students.

If you need additional information, please contact Dr. Greg Houseman, 316-978-3111 or 

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
3-Feb Ari Berkowitz University of Oklahoma A combination of multifunctional and behaviorally specialized spinal cord neurons control limb movement
10-Feb Shelly Steadman Sedgwick Co Forensic Lab Forensic biology in practice
17-Feb Ben Sikes University of Kansas  Microbial feedbacks in the shift to perennial agriculture
24-Feb Bill Peterman Ohio State University  Spatial Ecology and Landscape Genetics of Plethodontid Salamanders
2-March Bo Rueda Harvard Cancer Center Delineating and targeting mechanisms of induced or acquired resistance in ovarian cancer
9-March Jennifer Wood U Nebraska-Lincoln Chronic systemic inflammation due to diet-induced obesity causes ovarian oxidative stress and impairs oocyte quality
16-March Tom Platt Kansas State University Microbial interactions impacting functionally important plant symbionts
23-March ---------------------------------------------------------SPRING BREAK----------------------------------------------------------------------------
30-March David Holding U Nebraska-Lincoln Breeding and gene editing approaches for corn and sorghum grain quality improvement
6-April Sara Baer University of Kansas Resiliency of restored grasslands to inter-annual variability in climate
13-April Graduate students Wichita State University

Presenters: Esben Kjaer

20-April Graduate students Wichita State University

Presenters: Gregory Davis, Morgan Trible

27-April Jessie Nippert Kansas State University Grassland ecosystems in peril from an ecological phenomenon: woody encroachment
4-May Graduate students Wichita State University

Presenters: Ryan Brice, Abigail Urban