Spring 2019 Chemistry Colloquium Series

The Chemistry Colloquia Series is presented Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. in room 224 McKinley Hall (unless otherwise noted) during the Fall and Spring semesters. Refreshments are provided.

Date Seminar Speaker, Title
1/23 Vinay Kadarla, Wichita State University
"The Role of Myopalladin in Cardiac Muscle Function and Disease"
1/30 Anthony Burgett, University of Oklahoma
"Novel Anti-Viral and Precision Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Development Through Targeting the Oxysterol-binding Proteins (OSBP/ORPs)"
2/6 Ronghu Wu, Georgia Tech
"Mass Spectrometry-Based Chemical and Enzymatic Methods to Globally Analyze Glycoproteins"
2/13 TBA
2/20 Margot Quinlan, University of California – Los Angeles
"Using actin to put our heads and hearts in the right place"
2/27 John Markley, University of Wisconsin
"Mechanism of Iron-Sulfur Cluster Assembly in Mitochondria"
3/6 Nicholas Tsarevsky, Southern Methodist University
"Synthesis and Applications of Highly Branched Functional Polymers"
3/13 No Colloquium  - Spring Break


Patrick Holland, Yale University, Watkins Visiting Professor
3/18 - "The Global Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen Fixation by Iron Complexes"
3/19 - "Nitrogenase Modeling Using Iron Complexes"
3/27 Brian Krantz, University of Maryland
"Anthrax toxin translocation"
4/3 Erica Geisbrecht, Kansas State University
"Through Thick and Thin: the path towards muscle proteostasis"
4/10 Peter Sues, Kansas State University
"Exploring Redox Active “Pacman” Ligands for Renewable Energy Applications"
4/17 Christian Bleiholder, Florida State University
4/24 Alexander Ivanov, Northeastern University
5/1 Neil Zondlo, University of Delaware
5/8 Graduate Student Presentations