Undergraduate Programs

At Wichita State University, students who major in chemistry can choose among several degree programs tailored to match their interests with a variety of specialties-programs that prepare them for the wide range of opportunities available in the global workplace.

WSU's Department of Chemistry offers a broad and flexible curriculum involving several programs with varying objectives. Included are programs leading to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in chemistry, the BS degree in chemical science, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in chemistry, and the BS degree with field majors in either biochemistry or chemistry/business.

Students who earn the BS or BA degree in chemistry are eligible for admission to the master's and doctoral degree programs, both of which are offered at Wichita State.

Mission Statement:
The Department of Chemistry offers an undergraduate curriculum approved by the American Chemical Society for chemistry majors focusing on the discipline. The Department also offers undergraduate degrees for those individuals desiring to enter biologically related fields, business related areas and secondary education. Most undergraduate majors carry out an independent research project which requires them to make oral presentations to their research groups and turn in a written report to the Department based on their research results. The Chemistry Department is committed to provide a high-quality and well-rounded educational program equipping students with the core content and appropriate skills for successfully continuing studies and/or for careers related to the discipline.

The BA in Chemistry

The BA degree is a liberal arts and sciences degree. If you pursue this degree, you are required to take a foreign language and additional courses in the humanities and social sciences. Requiring fewer hours of chemistry than the BS degree in chemistry, the BA degree prepares you for a wide variety of entry level positions. By taking additional courses, you may earn American Chemical Society certification.

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The BS in Chemistry

Pursuing the BS degree in chemistry introduces you to the chemical literature and the techniques and challenges involved in a research project. Earning the BS in chemistry - which at Wichita State is certified by the American Chemical Society - prepares you to be a professional chemist knowledgeable in the basics of inorganic, organic, analytical and physical chemistry.

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Suggested Course Sequence

The BS in Chemistry - Biochemistry option

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The BS in Chemistry - Pre Medicine

The BS degree in chemical science provides excellent preparation if you are interested in such professional areas as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, or pharmacology.

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The BS with Field Major in Biochemistry

If you are interested in biochemistry, you may wish to pursue our field major in biochemistry. This program requires extensive training in both chemistry and biology, but does not require physical and inorganic chemistry. the field major in biochemistry requires more training in biology than does the BS in chemical science degree. However, this degree also provides excellent preparation for professional careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, or pharmacology.

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The BS with Field Major in Chemistry/Business

WSU's field major in chemistry/business is yet another option - and one that is unique in the State of Kansas. This program, which requires training both in chemistry and in the pertinent aspects of business, prepares you for a career in chemical marketing and sales.

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The Chemistry Minor

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The BA in Education

If you're thinking about teaching chemistry in high school, you should acquire a solid foundation in chemistry while pursuing the BA degree in education, offered by WSU's College of Education.

The College of Education

The BS in Forensic Science

 Forensice Science Program