Watkins Foundation Summer Research Participation Fellowships for Teachers of Science

Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Wichita State University, with financial support from the Watkins Foundation of Wichita, is continuing a program to aid teachers of science in adding depth and experience to their preparation for the classroom. We are offering a limited number of Watkins Summer Research Participation Fellowships, featuring eight weeks of research participation under the guidance of one or more WSU faculty members from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Geology or Physics. Full-time teachers from secondary schools, community colleges and teaching-oriented four-year colleges are eligible for these awards. The teachers selected will work with the faculty member and his/her group in a current research project, and will be given necessary background and training to make a contribution to the success of the project. The ultimate goal of the experience is to provide the teachers with knowledge and techniques that can be used in their classrooms to make science exciting to their students and convey to them how new discoveries are made. A stipend of $4,000 will be paid to participating teachers.

To qualify for a Watkins Summer Research Participation Fellowship, you must be a teacher of science and planning to continue in that role in the 2003 academic year. Length of service as a teacher is not a deciding factor. You must be able to identify an eight week period when you can devote full time to research participation.

Applications for the fellowship should include the following material: A statement describing your interests in science identifying which of four broad areas (biology, chemistry, earth sciences or physics) you would like to work in if you are selected as a fellow. Explain how this program will improve your teaching efforts. If you are involved in a special science education program of any kind in your school or college, please describe it here.

A brief vita which includes your educational background, experience as a teacher, and any other employment experience that you may have had which was science related. Be sure to include teaching awards or recognition, and any institutes for the teaching of science you attended. A letter of recommendation submitted by your supervisor, department chair or dean. Fellows will be selected based on (1) established record or promise as a teacher, (2) perceived benefit to the teacher and school science program, and (3) ability to match the desired area o research with an available faculty researcher. We will evaluate the success of this program by asking the fellows to write a brief report describing how they incorporated their experiences into everyday classroom teaching or the impact it had on their appreciation of science.

For information or to discuss potential research topics contact any of the following

Dr. J. David McDonald, Department of Biology (316) 978-3111

Dr. Paul Rillema, Department of Chemistry (316) 978-3732

Dr. Collette Burke, Department of Geology (316) 978-3140

Dr. Hussein Hamdeh, Department of Physics (316) 978-5224