Goals: The goal is to promote summer safety and increase contacts with elementary aged children. "Goal" reduced injury and increased positive contacts with children. Total cost below $100. to the department.

Program Description:

During the summer, officers watch for elementary acting in a safe manner. This can include wearing a bike helmet, reflective clothing, pads, etc. It can also be for walking with a friend at night or crossing the street correctly. When the child is observed, the officer issues them a "Gotcha" ticket with a business coupon attached. This enables them to free treat and makes them eligible for a free bike drawing.

Critical Factors:

  1. Businesses must donate free coupons
    • Media must publicize
      • Schools must make children aware of it prior to the summer
        • Officers must look for and make the contacts.

MOST Critical factor - must have one person to coordinate the program and to prepare it prior to the beginning of summer.

Effects of the Program:

It involves media, schools, businesses, PTA, police, parents, and children in community policing.

  1. Media highly publicizes it
    • Schools and PTA encourage it
      • Businesses support it
        • Police Officers enjoy the contacts
          • Children and parents believe it

Nothing but positive response from all involved

Contact Information:

Kurt Bottorff, Lieutenant

Fremont Police Department

725 N. ParkFremont, NE 68025

Phone: (402) 727-2677Email: lt.bottorff@netscape.net