Domestic Violence Liasion Officer:


The goal is to provide a liaison officer between the police department and the courts.

Prgram Description:

An officer will do a follow-up on the victim(s) and provides information to them. Also follow-ups of those by diversion (basically acts as a probation officer). Has the ability to do in home visits, etc.

Critical Factors:

Most have cooperation of the courts. The officer has the ability to recommend - on the spot - to revoke of diversion on his recommendation to the judges based on alcohol use, not meeting counseling requirements, breaking court order, etc.

Effects of the Program:

Puts teens into our program and has been very effective in reducing Domestic Violence cases.

Contact Information:

Chief John Ellison
Edwardsville Police Department
690 S. 4th Street
Edwardsville, KS 66111
Phone: (913) 441-6983
Fax: (913) 422-7281