The Internet and Law Enforcement:


The goal is to educate law enforcement agencies on the benefits of using the internet in their daily operations. In addition, the program teaches agencies how to develop and maintain their own websites; controlling content and understanding the legal issues involved in operating a web page.

Prgram Description:

Presentation on the effective use of the internet for every day law enforcement, from department websites to background investigations.

Critical Factors:

1. Practical usage
2. Ethical Issues
3. Public Information Utilities
4. Website Administration
5. Promotion and getting noticed

Effects of the Program:

Knowledge gained on the proper usage of the internet for law enforcement purposes and how it can benefit your agency.

Contact Information:

Jay Adkins, Police Officer
Holton Police Department
301 W. 4th Street
Holton, KS 66436
Phone: (785) 364-2174