Community Domestic Violence Intervention Program

Hold offenders accountable
Make victims safer
Stop domestic violence

Program Description:

A coordinated response to domestic violence that is funded by VAWA. We do enhanced advocacy, juvenile advocacy, case tracking, court watch, and a 52-week Batter's Program.
Critical Factors:
Excellent cooperation between all key agencies: prosecution, law enforcement, probation, HHS, and victim services. Complete support of the batterer's program by the probation.
Effects of the Program
Batterers being held accountable, more services for victims and children, increased cooperation and coordination of services between agencies.
Contact Information:
Tonya Folk, Director
Community Domestic Violence Intervention Program
102 East Third, #102
North Platte, NE 69101
Phone: (308) 534-5879
Fax: (308) 534-6140