"No Limits"
(Martial Arts Program)

To instill an attitude of mutual respect and violence of others and for troubled youth.
Program Description:

Troubled youth Ages 8-16 are identified by police officers and their names are forwarded to Officer Freeze. He then meets with their parent (s), and describes the program. The kids are then instructed into martial arts. The attitude of mutual respect and restraint, (emphasis on attitude) self-esteem is developed. Kids are rewarded for work/attitude.
Critical Factors:
Officer Freeze is an experienced "Black Belt" karate instructor
No cost to the children or families
Originally all effort was volunteered by Officer Freeze but because of its success, it is now supported by the city
Awards are given and tournaments are attended

Effects of the Program
Troubles youth develops a much improved attitude and stays out of trouble
Parents are appreciative of the program
Many positive letters are received by the police department, officer Freeze, and the media
A much better relationship between the troubled youth and their parent (s) is developed between them and the police
Kids frequently win trophies or other awards and they learn to be "winners" and develop self-esteem.
There has not been a negative effect on this program

Contact Information:
Roger Freeze, Patrolman
North Platte Police Department
PO BOX 1458
North Platte, NE 69101
Phone: (308) 535-6789
Fax: (308) 3536788