Child Safety and the Internet

The goal is to give parents/grand parents or anyone who has little or no knowledge of the internet a basis for what the internet is and what precautions are available to protect children from the hazards of the net.
Program Description:

An approximately 45 minutes on "PowerPoint" presentation describing blocking, filtering, and other protective software available along with other tips parents or guardians can take to protect children from "Bad" signs on the internet.
Critical Factors:
Geared for adults who have recently obtained or are planning on getting Internet availability for their children/grandchildren and who have little or no knowledge of the dangers involved.
Effects of the Program
A new program recently developed and not yet presented. High interest and attendance anticipated.
Contact Information:
Rich Thompson, Lieutenant
North Platte Police Department
PO BOX 1458North Platte, NE 69101
Phone: (308) 535-6789
Fax: (308) 535-6788