"Police Explorers"

The goal is to teach juveniles the basics of police work inorder to encourage interest as being a police officer as a profession. The goal is also to better educate the public on the police perspective along with the problem.
Program Description:

The program is sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America
A bi-monthly meeting of selected juveniles , who are taught (both classroom and practical) the basics of police work
Uniforms are issued and a rank structure exists among members.

Critical Factors:
Instructors are enthusiastic and well trained
Memberships not allowed if applicant has certain history (arrests, truancy, etc.)
Competition to do the best is encouraged
Instructors are paid by the department for their time

Effects of the Program
Members provide assistance by the police department in certain limited instances ( act as an extra set of "eyes" for the police)
The members and their families/friends better understand the police perspectives (problems, issues, benefits, etc.).
Provide good behavior and respect for the law among members
Builds self-esteem

Contact Information:
Darin Oestmann, Investigator
North Platte Police Department
PO BOX 1458North Platte, NE 69101
Phone: (308) 535-6789
Fax: (308) 535-6788