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Technology in Policing:

The Community Policing ACTs initiative refers to Applying Current Technologies to Community Policing. This series of papers and related resources seeks to identify new and emerging technologies which can be used to facilitate crime control and problem solving through the community policing philosophy. The papers are intended to be primers as an introduction to the technology or concept. You may either view and print the policy papers online or download them to your computer in Portable Document Format (pdf). To view the downloaded pdf papers you will need the helper application Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free if you do not already have it. New files will be continually added.

Permission is granted to download and reproduce any of the following documents, in whole or in part, provided that full attribution is given to the document s author and the Wichita State University Regional Community Policing Institute.

We would be interested in a short e-mail describing any use of the documents.