Statement of Mission, Values and Goals

Regional Community Policing Training Institute At Wichita State University

The Regional Community Policing Training Institute at Wichita State University has established its Mission and Values which will guide its delivery of training and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies in Kansas and Nebraska. Based upon the research and practice of community policing, the mandates of the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, and the character of our two states, the foundation for the Institute is as follows:


To provide current information and research on community oriented policing specifically addressing the issues and needs of police agencies in Kansas and Nebraska. This includes responding to specifically identified needs of police executives; providing traditional training, distance learning, and technical assistance; serving as an information resource; and providing interventions as a basis of police policy in response to our targeted law enforcement agencies.

Core Values:

The implementation of community policing as a philosophy which guides the organization, administration and operation of the police department.