Graduate Student

Graduate program and curriculum

What's the program like?

A Master of Arts in Communication (or MAC) requires the completion of 36 hours of coursework in communication and related fields. 15 of these hours will be in the graduate core, a set of five courses designed to provide a strong foundation in communication theory and research methodology. The balance of coursework is selected following consultation with your graduate adviser, who will be assigned to you upon your admission to the MAC program.

Core Research & Theory Curriculum Requirements:

  • COMM 801: Introduction to Communication Research
  • COMM 803: Empirical/Quantitative Research Methodology in Communication
  • COMM 812: Contemporary Theories of Communication
  • At least two qualitative methods courses

What other classes will I take?

A total of 21 credits must come from outside the core. Most courses will be selected from the Elliott School’s course offerings, although some classes from other WSU departments or programs can be taken if they are clearly justified and approved by a student’s adviser.

What are comprehensive examinations?

All graduate students in the MAC program are required to take a four-hour written comprehensive examination (COMPS) over coursework. COMPS are generally taken in the last semester of the student's program of study.

Do I have to do a thesis?

Download a more detailed program curriculum