About the Graduate Program in Creative Writing

The Master of Fine Arts program at Wichita State University is the twelfth oldest in the nation and one that has earned widespread respect by producing graduates who are not only well-trained writers but also well-prepared teachers of writing and literature possessing skills in editing and other related fields.

The program, now in its 44th year, is a 48-hour, studio-academic program with students in full-time residence for three years developing their skills in fiction or poetry writing. Over those three years, students take a core of workshops and tutorials as well as additional coursework in English, which leads to a final writing project -- a collection of fiction or poetry, a novel or some appropriate work. Flexibility is provided in academic coursework to allow for a variety of possible interests.

Almost all of the program’s Master of Fine Arts students are funded for three years either through graduate teaching assistant positions (GTAs) or through a fellowship. In fall 2017, three fiction students and three poetry students entered the program. Of those six new MFA students, all were offered Graduate Teaching Assistantships receiving tuition remission and a stipend.

Since 2009, the number of applications to our MFA program has more than doubled. In 2009, we had 44 applications; in 2012, we had 102; in 2015, we had 79. In 2015, approximately 15% of applicants were accepted.

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The creative writing faculty poet is Sam Taylor. The fiction writer is Margaret Dawe.

Visiting Distinguished Writers

Every year our Master of Fine Arts students have the chance to take a one-on-one tutorial with a visiting distinguished fiction writer and poet. The visiting writers are in residence for a month in Wichita and offer a reading during that time.

Some of those who have visited in the past are: Lee Abbott, Renee Ashley, Russell Banks, Sandra Beasley, Peter Behrens, Marvin Bell, Michael Blumenthal, Scott Blackwood, Jericho Brown, Sharon Bryan, Scott Cairns, Peter Cameron, Brock Clarke, K.L. Cook, Ann Copeland, George Cuomo, Richard Currey, Phil Dacey, Robert Dana, Madeline DeFrees, Rick Demarinis, Stephen Dunn, Richard Elman, Carol Frost, Greg Glazner, Andrew Sean Greer, Deborah Greger, Ron Hansen, Michael Harper, William Hathaway, Shelby Hearon, Cary Holladay, Laura Kalpakian, Elizabeth Libbey, Margaret Malone, Jack Matthews, Michael McGriff, Jay Meek, Peter Meinke, Malena Morling, Lisel Mueller, Richard Murphy, Yannick Murphy, Jack Myers, Antonya Nelson, Kent Nelson, Achy Obejas, Ed Ochester, Robert Olmstead, Eric Pankey, Bette Pesetsky, Leslie Pietrzyk, Stanley Plumley, Kevin Prufer, Bin Ramke, Nancy Roberts, Mary Elsie Robertson, Dana Roeser, William Pitt Root, Abraham Rothberg, Mary Ruefle, Hugh Seidman, Bob Shacochis, Ed Skoog, Terese Svoboda, Mark Smith, Henry Taylor, Katherine Vaz, Michael Waters, Paul West, James Wilcox, C.K. Williams, Hilma Wolitzer, Richard Yates and Paul Zimmer.