Certificate in Spanish for the Professions

An answer to a growing demand

Wichita State University is the first university in Kansas to offer a certificate for those who want to perform language services in professional settings where Spanish is used.

The Spanish for the Professions Certificate prepares students to become Spanish language professionals and translators. According to the US Department of Labor the need for this kind of professionals is expected to increase up to 46% in the next decade.

Taught by professionals

Our faculty has a long standing experience in Business Spanish, and Spanish Translation and interpreting. Courses are taught by professors who hold a PhD in Spanish along with current or past experience as business persons, certified interpreters, translators or international business lawyers.


Candidates for the Certificate must take the following courses to complete a total of 15 hours:

• SPAN 557. Principles of Translation and Interpreting (ONLINE).
• SPAN 558. Advanced Translation and Interpreting (ONLINE).
• SPAN 552. Business Spanish.
• SPAN 526. Advanced Spanish Grammar.
• SPAN 626 or 627. Spanish or Latin American Civilization.

Course Descriptions

SPAN 557. Principles of Translation and Interpreting

Introduction to the theory, skills and techniques of translation and interpreting (T&I) from Spanish to English and vice versa in addition to lexical development of different domains of professional Spanish. This on-line course will combine theory and hands-on activities. As an online course, students are required to have a webcam and microphone, and reliable high speed internet access to attend. The class will be conducted in Spanish, though instructional materials and activities will be in Spanish and English. Pre or corequisite: Spanish 525 (Advanced Grammar) or departmental consent.

SPAN 558. Advanced Translation and Interpreting

Further study of translation and interpreting of different types of texts for the professional world. Prerequisites: Spanish 557 (intro course) and Spanish 526 (Advanced Grammar), or departmental consent.

SPAN 552. Business Spanish

Provides the opportunity to learn and practice commercial correspondence, business vocabulary, translation and interpretation of business texts. Prerequisite: Spanish 526 (Advanced Grammar).

Sequence of courses

Business Spanish - first offered Spring 2016.
Principles of Translation and Interpreting - Fall 2016 (ONLINE only).
Advanced Translation and Interpreting - Spring 2017 (ONLINE only).
Advanced Spanish Grammar - offered every semester.
Spanish or Latin American Civilization - offered once every academic year on a rotating basis.

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For more information about the certificate, please e-mail Professor Rachel Showstack.

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