To APPLY to Wichita State's Field Camp, please read through the INFORMATION PACKET,

then complete the following:

1) Online forms below (student information, medical and dietary questionaire). This may also be submitted by mail. See INFORMATION PACKET for more details. Due February 1.

2) Non-WSU students must also submit a letter of recommendation from a geology professor, indicating students

  • intellectual drive and independence
  • ability to work with others
  • ability to follow instructions
  • ability to cope with the rigors of field work

3) Upon notification of acceptance into the program, everyone must submit, by March 1, a signed policy agreement form, emergency medical form and pay the deposit, which is 50% of the field camp fee.

4) The remaining 50% of the field camp fee is due by May 1. A valid medical note from doctor (MD) or certified nurse practitioner (CNP) is also required at this time.

This online application will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Be prepared to finish and submit this application in one session (you can't save progress as you go along).