Collette Burke

Associate Professor


Director of Center for Environment and Human Health

Room: GB 022A
Phone: 316-978-7221

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1983)

M.S., University of Akron (1981)

B.A., St. Mary-of-the-Woods College (1975)

Regular Course Offerings
- Earth Science and the Environment
- Historical Geology
- Geobiology
- Advanced Geobiology

Current Research
-Coral Reef Development in Carbonate Environments
-Ecology and Paleoecology of Foraminifera in Carbonate Environments
-Paleoecology and Sedimentology of Pierre Shale, Western Kansas
-Ecology and Paleoecology of Freshwater Ostracodes

Teaching Experience
Teaching Assistant, 1977-1979, University of Akron
Lecturer, 1979-1981, Milwaukee Area Technical College - Courses Taught: Oceanography
Lecturer, 1981-1983, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Courses Taught: Introduction to Geology; Age of Dinosaurs; Earth, Wind, Air, Fire
Assistant Professor, 1983-1989, Wichita State University
Associate Professor, 1989-present, Wichita State University

Professional Appointments

Project Assistant, Milwaukee Public Museum, 1981
Research Assistant, Center for Great Lakes Studies, Milwaukee, WI, 1982
Research Affiliate, Center for Great Lakes Studies, Milwaukee, WI, 1989-1994
Chair, Dept. of Geology, 1997-2004, Wichita State University

Bene Notae
Patricia Roberts Harris Fellowship University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI, 1979-1982
Wisconsin Geological Society, Travel Scholarship, 1982
AGU Travel Award for Chapman Conference on Gaia Hypothesis, 1988
Nominated for AET & BOT Awards--Teaching Awards

Research Grants and Aquisitions
-Wichita State University Internal Grant, 1983. Equipment Grant for Fourier Analysis of Ostracoda. $5,185.00.
-Wichita State University Internal Grant, 1984. Fourier Analysis of Fossil Ostracoda for Taxonomic and Environmental Interpretation. $2,235.00.
-Wichita State University Internal Grant, 1985. Equipment Grant for Research Stereo-Microscope. $3,000.00.
-Petroleum Research Foundation Type G Grant, 1985-1987. Paleoenvironments and Taxonomy of Ostracoda via Shape Analysis. $15,000.00.
-J.J. Ducommun Co. Matching Funds Grant, 1986. Acquisition of Research Stereo-microscope. $3,000.00.
-NSF, 1987. Summer Science Institute for Primary and Secondary Educators (Directors C. Yeotis and B. Bowman). Contributing personnel and content instructor for geology section. $2,888.00.
-U.S.G.S., 1989. Stable Isotope Analysis of Lake Michigan Ostracodes. $1,000.00.
-Kansas Geological Society, 1991. Holocene Climatic Interpretation of Cheyenne Bottoms, Kansas. $800.00.
-NSF, 1993, Characterization of Bedded-Salt Dissolution. Accepted, but not funded.

Funded Grants with Students
-GSA, 1992-1994, Biotic composition of Coral Reefs at Mexico Rocks Patch Reef Complex, Belize C.A. (student: T. M. McHenry)
-Kansas Geological Society, 2000, Biostratigraphy of Pierre Shale, Logan County, KS (student:Monica Turner)

Professional Service and Associations
* Kansas Geological Society – Member
* Geological Society of America – Member
* Journal of Paleontology – Member
* Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists - Member
* Sigma Xi - Member
* American Association for the Advancement of Science - Member
* Paleontological Society - Member
* International Society of Coral Reefs - Member
* National Science Foundation - Grant Reviewer
* Petroleum Research Fund of America Chemical Society - Grant Reviewer
* The Compass - Manuscript Reviewer
* New Mexico Museum of Natural History - Manuscript Reviewer
* Aquatic Living Resources - Manuscript Reviewer
* Kansas Academy of Science - Manuscript Reviewer
* Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists - Manuscript Reviewer
* Palaios - Manuscript Reviewer
* Lethaia - Manuscript Reviewer
* National Board for Educational Development, 2000,
* LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications, DCCCD, Texas - Member
* Tenure and Promotion, University of Florida, Dept. of Geology, 1991 and 1993, - Outside Reviewer
* Kansas Energy Place, Board of Governors, 1984-1985
* Association of Women Geoscientists, Program Director, 1986 Board Member of AWGWichita Chapter, 1985-1986
* Fossil Identification for Kansas Community--all the time

Students and Projects
-Lloyd Thorndyke "Developmental History of Patch Reefs on the Northern Shelf of Belize, CA"
-Erin Huttig "Long term effects of Mass Bleaching Events on Caribbean Corals"

-Monica Turner " Biostratigraphy of the Pierre Shale in Western Kansas"