Kevin M. Doyle

Abercrombie Executive in Geology

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Phone: 832-372-1152

Degrees & Certificates:

BS Geology, 1981 Magna Cum Laude, University of Dayton

MS Geological Science, 1983, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

MS Petroleum Engineering Science, 2008 (web-based study), University of New South Wales

Florida Master Naturalist, 2017, Univeristy of Florida Extension

Course Offerings:

-GEOL 682: Petroleum Geology

-GEOL 760: Exploration Geophysics

-GEOL 690 / 810: Introduction to Petroleum Engineering

Current Research

Holocene to Recent Sedimentology and Stratigraphy: Current field work is in the barrier/mangrove islands of the Ten Thousand Islands, SW Florida (Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Preserve). The study includes the integration of satellite imagery, high altitude photography, Lidar, sediment cores and ground penetrating radar. This research has application to the understanding of the SW Florida coast relative to the dynamics of sea level rise and major storms/hurricanes.

Modern Ecosystems as Analogs for Ancient Depositional Environments: Emphasis is focused on understanding the impact of rates of sedimentation, time scales, and preservation versus erosion in the rock record.

Geology and Warfare

Career Summary:

Summer Intern with Gulf Oil Corporation 1981

Graduate Teaching Assistant – Geology, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, 1981-1983

Full-time Employee of Unocal Corporation 1983-2005 & Chevron Corporation 2005-2016

Chevron Chairman's Award 2007 - For outstanding commitment, innovation and performance resulting in a highly successful exploration program in Angola Block 14

Thirty-three years of international and domestic oil & gas exploration / development experience in the Gulf of Mexico deep water and shelf, the US Rocky Mountains, South America, the North Sea, West Africa, China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Interpreter of geologic and seismic data with key skills in play fairway analysis, prospect generation and maturation, petroleum system integration, risk and reserves assessment.

Experience mentoring junior Earth Scientists, both international and US staff, including design and supervision of summer intern and new hire projects.

Multi-cultural experience from projects and business travel to South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Includes Expatriate assignments in Bangkok and London.

Management experience: Exploration Manager, Team Leader & Chief Geologist.

Instructor - University of Florida Extension / Florida Master Naturalist Program.


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Recognition of Complex Tertiary Fluvial Reservoir Geometries in the Xihu Trough: A Study of Ancient and Modern Analog Systems, Doyle, K., GSA Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado 1996


2017, Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Petrel Geologic and Geophysical Interpretation Software, Three-Year Software Donation to WSU.

2017, Platte River Associates Inc., BasinMod Software., Three-Year Software Donation to WSU.