Photo of Will Parcell.

Will Parcell

Associate Professor

Department of Geology
Wichita State University
Wichita, Kansas 67260-0027

My research focuses on two areas of theoretical and applied geoscience research: 1) stratigraphic computer modeling; and 2) microbial reef reservoir characterization. Any undergraduate and graduate students interested in working on any of these projects are encouraged to contact Dr. Parcell for more details!

Statigraphic computer modeling graphic. 1) Stratigraphic computer modeling and the SATIS Project examines methods to evaluate geologic knowledge and uncertainty in stratigraphic models. Stratigraphic datasets and associated uncertainty are examined through the integration of traditional geologic and "non-traditional" disciplines including philosophy, computer science, information science, communication theory, and history. This research is integrated within the SATIS Project.

Microbial reef reservoir graphic. 2) Microbial reef reservoir investigations comprises determining microbial reef reservoir architecture and reservoir quality, establishing controls on microbial reef development and growth, fluid-flow trends, constructing reservoir models, and identifying reserve growth potential. Investigations integrate biological, petrophysical, seismic, and geologic attributes.