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This research initiative is focused on the nature and characteristics of modeling in the geosciences, specifically the decision-making processes in conceptual and computer models to observe and evaluate geologic information. Understanding the effects of evaluative process of perception and conception, including the managment of uncertainty, is an essential foundation upon which to understand any geologic model. All geoscientists should be aware of the types and levels of uncertainty that are inherent in their particular pursuit of scientific understanding, including the processes involved in their observations and interpretations. We should be especially aware of how those uncertainties influence interpretations and their pursuit of data collection. Research results have direct application to the refinement of conceptual models and computer simulations of geologic processes.This research draws on theories and principles from philosophy, communication science, information theory, and computer science. In addition, historical analysis provides a perspective to the approaches to geoscience modeling.

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Geocognition and Communication Theory/Philosophy

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Computer Modeling

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History of Approaches to Modeling in Geology

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