Society of Public Historians
2006 Minutes

Society of Public Historians
Minutes of January 26, 2006 meeting

Location: Student Center at Wichita State University
Attendees: Jay Price, Advisor; Tammy Weihe, Historian; Melissa Thompson, Treasurer; Shannon Kraus, Secretary; Andrea Schniepp, President.

Items discussed:

Item 1. Tammy and Andrea were brainstorming ideas for the upcoming year of SPH. Some of the ideas mentioned were that of a SPH kickoff, a walking tour of the downtown churches, a tour of the Commodore, and a tour of the Scottish Rite building. Along with this was also mentioned that SPH might consider having these tours made into some fund raising events along with some donations to the churches visited. However, the trolley was probably not going to work as it would be too expensive to rent. It was talked about putting the events in the paper and how much of a donation to the churches should be considered.

Item 2. Dr. Price discussed the problems that Devin had last year with the bank. However, all problems should now be taken care of.

Item 3. Andrea discussed the prospect of new members and how to endear them to the Society of Public Historians.

Item 4. Tammy and Melissa discussed making the T-shirt that was made of Dr. Price into a fundraising event. Melissa was going to see how much it would cost to screen the T-shirts.

Item 5. Dr. Price mentioned the Kansas Sampler Festival in Garden City and whether SPH should put a booth in the festival. Melissa expressed interest in going and manning a booth.

Item 6. The subject of when to schedule officers meetings and general meetings were touched upon. No decision as of yet.

Item 7. Tours of the upcoming years were discussed, such as McPherson's auto shop, and the airplane hanger with Doc, car shows, train shows, and the Great Plains Railroad Museum.

Item 8. The logo for SPH was discussed. Tammy stated that the person with the contact was Iris and that Andrea should contact her for information on this.

Item 9. A brochure for SPH was discussed.

Item 10. The transfers of paperwork from the old officers to the new officers was performed.