Society of Public Historians
2007 Minutes

Society of Public Historians
General meeting @ River City Brewery
Minutes--March 1st, 2007

Present: Dr. Price; Ray Crosse; Kelly Dyer; Andrea Schniepp; Neal Smith; Jeff Wysenbach; Adam Leet

Santa Fe, NM Trip, Public History Conference
$1127.70 was approved by SGA for funding for SPH members to go. $597.70 is available for traveling.
SGA will reimburse this money after the trip, with itemized receipts from members.

Early Bird Registration is $55.
Cut off for people to decide is 3/16, must turn in by 3/25

Regular Meetings
We need to have them. Motion presented by Kelly.

Ideas for speakers/meetings:
Ken Spurgeon
Jeni Chinn
The Oil Museum—get 20 to 30 people. “controversy draws people”
Delia Garcia-Raj –Rep from North. With political topics we draw the poli-sci crowd.
River Fest—meeting for fireworks, repeat of ’06 gathering.
Big meeting to address constitutional items.

Other highlights from the meeting:
Kelly tried to steal a fry from Ray. He hit her. She screamed. Violence is never the answer!

“College hill names are exceptional public history like.”—Ray

Ray is violent.

Neal was late due to a Suessapallossa party; he made it up to the group by handing out Dr. Seuss cat in the hat coloring pages.

Andrea legitimately hates Ray, Ray loves Andrea. Should his wife be told?

Next Meeting April 5, 7:00 @ Ray’s—2162 S. Millstead, 67209.

Society of Public Historians
Officer Meeting @ The Good Egg
Minutes—June 17, 2007

Present: Dr. Price, Andrea, Kelly, Ray, Neal

DaVinci Exhibit @ Exploration Place
With Phi Alpha Theta?
Saturday morning, July 14th

Bill Bryans

Another attempt at organizing trip to Negro Leaque Hall of Fame

Salt Museum in Hutch with PAT

KMA in Emporia, November 9th

Kick Off Week
1st full week of school
Party at Dr. P’s 8/25

Membership Drive
Vagabond, Monday night movie night

Diner Tour of Wichita
Kings X, Tocs, etc.

Work with other groups—Ks Explorers, Inman, KS.

Society of Public Historians
Minutes—July 29th, 2007

DaVinci’s Atalanticus Virtual Codex @ Exploration Place

Present: Dr. Price; Adam Leet, Adam CS Gunnels, Ray Crosse, Neal Smith, Linda Stephenson, Melissa Thompson, Kelley Peck, Erin Sharshel, Pam Driver, Tammy Hanna (formerly Wiehe), Jon Marshall-Potter

Before everyone set out to view the exhibit, announcements were made as to
Kick-Off Week and Party.

Neal gave update on status of reimbursement of funds from SGA for Santa Fe

Ray stated that he had not spoken to Bill Bryant about speaking, but that he was
planning on attempting to contact him.