Society of Public Historians
2010 Minutes

WSU Society of Public Historians
General Meeting @ The RSC
Minutes—Monday, May 17, 2010 @ 12:00PM
Present: Jessica Divine; Sadonia Corns; Bethany Kennedy; Sarah Price Andersen; Patrick Kozicki; and Dr. Price.
*McPherson Trip!!—Luke advises that Saturdays are good for him, except for June 26th. We decide that Saturday, June 5th (1:30pm-ish) would work best for everyone present—Sadonia will run this by Luke and ask about the McP Opera House.
*WSU Welcomefest—August (which will be here sooner than you think…). SPH should have a booth/table set up during the Activities Fair on Wednesday, August 25th (10:00am-1:00pm), which can be staffed by SPH volunteers. Application due by July 1st.
*KAH funds—approved but not yet dispersed. Sadonia checking on this w/SGA.
--UPDATE: Per Sadonia, funds will be mailed shortly!
*NCPH, Pensecola, FL, March 2011—Several weeks left in which to think about proposals. Conference theme is about dealing with boundaries.
-Maybe a group of us could give a kind of “in the trenches” type of presentation. What is it like to process collections? What kinds of issues are handled—what about with local & state government collections?
-Maybe something on public history internships?
*MPMA, Rapid City, South Dakota—Sept 13-17, 2010. George S. McGovern is the keynote speaker.
*AASLH in OKC—Sept 22-25, 2010.
*Ideas—Thinking of bringing “Border Wars” documentary to Wichita. Maybe to show at KSHOF opening? Need to ask Laura!
*Tornado Alley Arcadia Book—Thinking of ideas (can’t have a book with 200 photos of tornados and/or debris…). How have tornados shaped the culture of Kansas and/or Oklahoma? What area will this book cover (Kansas, Oklahoma, etc.)? If you are interested in working on this project, please contact Dr. Price.
*Meeting Adjourned (or at least these notes ended when Jes ran out to return to work!)

WSU Society of Public Historians
Officers (2009 & 2010) Meeting @ Riverside Cafe
Minutes—Saturday, January 16, 2010 @ 9:00 AM
Present: Sarah Price Anderson; Jessica Divine; Jessica’s SO; Sadonia Corns; Bethany Kennedy; Bethany’s SO; Judy Welfelt; Patrick Kozicki; and Dr. Price (very briefly).
*Meeting Minutes from 12/10/2009 passed out and changes made. Note: Doug’s last name is Miller, not King. Maybe Jessica knew a Doug King in the past and is confusing the two. Minutes will be emailed out for approval after changes made.
*Sadonia talks about WSU Homecoming (back after a 20 year break!). Theme: think Hammer pants and 80s hair.
--Runs from Monday, February 8 to Sunday, February 14. Includes Parade, Bonfire, and Pep Rally. Sadonia suggests SPH involvement in the Parade, which would either be through a Banner, Decorated Vehicle, or a Float. Jessica enthusiastically suggests the Banner idea (she’s done floats for K-State Homecoming in the past, and they aren’t pretty…). Probably need to have an additional officers’ meeting before Feb 8th to flesh this idea out.
--Sadonia also mentions decorating Fiske Hall in the 1980s theme, but we’ll need to think this one over before making any concrete decisions. We would have to front any expenses for decorations, including time, and the prize would be a Spirit Stick to display in Fiske for the next calendar year.
*Sarah mentions that there is a button maker at the Student Center that can be used for making buttons for conference swag. People love buttons!
*Discussion of KAH and NCPH conferences in near future. Bethany is going to NCPH in Portland, OR, March 10-14. Jessica and Sadonia, so far, plan on going to KAH in KC, April 16-17. We’ll need to look at the KAH registration, due out after January 25, and set a rigid deadline for those who plan on attending, so we can see about being reimbursed again this year.
*Sadonia brings up a possible trip to the Kansas Museum of History in Topeka to see Keckeisen’s new exhibit on cars and road travel. Exhibit opens on January 22. Maybe a trip the weekend after Spring Break, March 19-21.
*Jessica throws out a question about meeting times in general—what will work for everyone. Perhaps something between 10-11:30 on Saturdays?
*Meeting adjourned.

SPH Schedule of Events, 2010

*Election of New Officers, Dec. 2009: President- Sadonia Corns, Secretary- Jessica Divine, Treasurer- Patrick Kozicki, Historian- Judy Welfelt.
*WSU Homecoming, week of Feb. 8—SPH Banner carried in campus parade Feb. 13
*NCPH Annual Conference, Mar. 10-14, Portland, OR—attended by Bethany Kennedy and Dr. Jay Price.
*Group trip to Topeka, Mar. 19, KSHS and Kansas Museum, guided tour by Bob Keckeisen, Museum Director
*Kansas Association of Historians Annual Conference, Apr. 16-17, NARA-KC—attended by Sadonia Corns, Jessica Divine, Dr. Jay Price, and Dr. Lorraine Madway.
*Group trip to McPherson, Jun. 5, McPherson Opera House and McPherson CC Car Restoration tour, led by Luke Chennell
*WSU Welcomefest Table, Aug. 25, staffed by various members and Dr. Jay Price
*Kansas Library Association Annual Conference, Oct. 15 in Emporia—presentation by Dr. Lorraine Madway, Patrick Kozicki and Jessica Divine
*Kansas Museum Association Annual Conference, El Dorado, Oct. 27-29—various people in attendance. SPH roundtable about Facebook value to museums, lead by SPH members and Michael Ables of the Lowell D. Holmes Museum
*Annual SPH Holiday Party, Dr. Price’s House, Dec. 9 (you are here now!)

Meetings Held
January 16, 2010 @ Riverside Café
April 10, 2010 @ The Donut Whole (general meeting)
May 11, 2010 @ The RSC (general meeting)
July 6, 2010 @ Fiske 209
August 27, 2010 @ Sedgwick Co. Zoo (general meeting/potluck)
September 14, 2010 @ The Donut Whole
December 9, 2010 (General meeting)