Society of Public Historians
2012 Minutes

SPH Officers’ Meeting Minutes

Meeting at College Hill Il Vicino, 12:00

Attendees: Prof. Jay Price, Misty Bernal, Jason Herbert, & Tim Howard

Issues Discussed:
• Time to pay dues
o $10 yearly due
o Pay in cash or check to Dr. Price or Treasurer Austin Rhodes
Make checks payable to Dr. Price’s "Bermuda Fund" :) or the Society of Public Historians

• Spring Semester Events
o February
Dan Anderson of Midwest Genealogical Society and member of the Masons
• Will most likely entail a tour of _______________(sorry, didn't quite catch that), coffee and stuff…
• Dr. Price will be contacting him, more details to come at the first meeting
o Other event ideas, perhaps for spring break or the end of the school year

  • Trip north to Bethel, eat a delicious German lunch, and stop by the Kaufman museum on the way back.
  • Trip south to Marland Mansion in Ponca City
  • Route 66 getaway
  • Eisenhower Library in Abeline

• Recruitment
o Misty will be making fliers in hopes of attracting more members

  • Fliers posted around WSU campus, Newman Campus, and Friend’s Campus *(ANYBODY can be a member of SPH, however, officers must be students at WSU)
  • Misty will check into free copies at the SGA for the SPH.

o SPH will begin using FaceBook more actively than before.

o The First meeting will be held on February 1, 2012 (that’s a Wednesday) at 7:00 pm
o Location: TBA

• Current members

  • We need a list of current members so PLEASE send an e-mail to so that I can create a roster for sending out SPH information. (Honestly, I won’t sell your e-mail info for any purpse other than significant financial gain, some of which will go to SPHÔÅä)
  • As we are going to be using FaceBook more actively please join the SPH FaceBook page (we will also be sending out invitations when we get a complete roster)

Interesting Info
• An idea was brought up of compiling a “WSU History Professors’ Top 5 Must read (History) Books,” but this may be deferred to Phi Alpha Theta.
• Trajectory is most important for many Master’s/PhD programs when deciding which applicants to choose.

Next Meeting: February 1, 7:00 pm, @ TBA


Society of Public Historians April 3, 2012 Officers Meeting Minutes

It seems like it has been a while since we have met. Indeed the tour of the Scottish Rites building was the last gathering of any type that we have had.
Our fearless leader, President Misty, is doing something with turkey. No, wait… That’s going to Turkey for the summer and will be leaving soon. So this meeting had a two-fold purpose: 1) to decide how to fill the vacant slot left after Misty leaves, and 2) to try and gear up the SPH happenings a bit.
Here are the things that we discussed:
In regards to Misty leaving and the vacant position:
• Misty leaving has brought to our attention that our current Constitution (of the SPH, that is) gives no provisions for filling a spot for situations like this, only for assassinations, impeachments and so forth. So, following those rules the officers decided that the secretary would fill the position temporarily, until Misty returns in August. Then at our December meeting/Christmas party, we will vote on an amendment that will cover future problems of this type.
• So, Tim Howard, the secretary, will be filling in as interim president until Misty’s return. (Does it seem a conflict of interests that I am writing this?)

In regards to the activity of SPH:
Starting in May, we will begin a series of monthly activities. Dates are not fixed yet, and details are still being decided, but will these events will generally be held on the first Friday (or first weekend) of the month. Here is the tentative schedule:
Weekend of
May 4 Talk with Jim Crawley at the Kiowa County Historical Museum in Greensburg, KS (this is during the 5 year anniversary of the tornado that passed through)
May 13
(Finals Over!!!) Visit the Museum of World Treasures in downtown Wichita.
June 1 Visit the Sedgwick County Records Management office
July 6 Visit the Eisenhower Library in Abilene
August 3 Visit the Salt Mine museum (and maybe the Cosmosphere) in Hutchinson
September 7 Meet n’ Greet, location being confirmed.
October 5 First in a continuous series of professional development for historians, anthropologists, and other historical stuff enthusiasts…

Some other ideas for future events were:
KSHS Library fundraiser, documentary viewings, KPTS visit, Ken Spurgeon talk… If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to let us know.
We also discussed starting a monthly newsletter for the history department, we will continue to look at this in the future.
*Note: After our visit, Dan Anderson at the Scottish Rite building has been asking for volunteers to help with the archival space there.
Officers duties delegated at the meeting:
Dr. Price will be confirming the details for the Greensburg event and letting everyone know.
Austin will be confirming details of the Sedgwick County Records Management office visit.
Jason & Tim will be working together to organize the professional development series plans. Jason will be drawing up the rough draft. (Jason, perhaps we should include Judy in on this since it will be a SPH/PAT thing hopefully)
Society of Public Historians April 3, 2012 Officers Meeting Minutes

Tim will be confirming details of the Museum of World Treasure’s visit, and will begin planning for the other events